Buyer's Guides

Buying a display stand can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of different types and styles available. To make the buying process easier we've created a range of buyer's guides which provide detailed information on each type of display stand.

  • Outdoor Display Stand Buyer's Guide

    If you would like to have a bigger promotional presence outdoors but aren’t sure how, our guide can give you some good ideas on the best outdoor display for you.

    Outdoor Display Stand Buyer's Guide
  • Retail & POS Stand Buyer's Guide

    Retail and POS stands can help you convert people inside your establishment or attract new customers from outdoors – but which is the best stand for you and why?

    Retail & POS Stand Buyer's Guide
  • Exhibition Stand Print Media Guide

    Exhibition stands have a huge range of prices which are mainly determined by the print media used for each stand.

    Make sure you're up-to-date with all the correct terminology for print media graphics with our handy exhibition stand print media guide.

    Exhibition Stand Print Media Guide
  • Standard Poster Sizes

    Choosing a display stand is a tricky process, especially if the product has an option of various poster sizes.

    This easy-to-follow guide qualifies the different international poster sizes into their exact dimensions so you can be completely sure of the sizes available.

    Standard Poster Sizes

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