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Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are very effective for high street advertising; they can help you attract new customers or promote a special offer you are running.

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Best Selling Pavement Signs

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Pavement signs are one of the oldest methods of advertising around. There is no simpler or more effective method of making yourself known outdoors.

Outdoor signage boards are a tried and tested method to increase footfall in your establishment. Furthermore, these signs are great for running special offers, thus keeping your business relevant at all times of the year.

Buy online with confidence, with fast UK shipping. Our in-house graphic design team can assist with the design of your signage board if required.

Display Wizard have produced some fantastic signs during our years of production, so we can ensure that you end up with only the highest-quality display solution for your specific needs.

Pavement signs are a display stand used to attract attention, usually placed on the pavement outside a premises. There is no simpler or more effective method of making yourself known outdoors.

Pavement signs uses:

  • Shop sign

  • Outside an establishment

  • On the high-street

  • Roadside

  • Outside restaurant or pub

  • Outdoor trade show

  • Footpath sign


  • Attract customers inside

  • Advertise special offers / sales

  • Double sided

  • Tamper-proof

  • Unique design

  • Successful for outdoor campaigns / events

Types of Pavement Sign

There are a wide range of different types of pavement signage available. Most signs are available with printed graphics, but changeable systems can come supplied with posters if you would like to update the message on your signage board message regularly.

Our most popular range of pavement signs are A-board pavement signs, which is a sturdy, traditional signage board available as chalkboard or with printed posters inside.

 We also have a number of swing pavement signs, which are signs with a swinging display area giving you less wind resistance.

 Our forecourt pavement sign is one of our heavy duty pavement signs, having been designed with extra weight and wind resistance to give you more presence at a garage or vehicle forecourt.

 Our flexi pavement signs is made up of a flexible printed panel wedged in a solid base.


Do you want to increase your brand’s exposure even more? Look into our range of promotional flags for a striking display. Need indoor displays to accompany your pavement sign? We have a wide range of indoor roller banners to keep customers interested in your organisation.

If you are considering one of the signage boards or heavy duty pavement signs mentioned above but need more information on which type is best for you, contact our team of display and exhibition solution experts. We’d love to hear from you!

Frequently asked questions

How much does an outdoor advertising board cost?

Pavement signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising around. Prices from Display Wizard start at just £36, with high-priced options including custom-printed graphics and larger displays.

What are the standard sizes for outdoor advertising boards?

Before you order outdoor advertising boards it’s best to consider the size of space available by taking a good look at the available outdoor area. For indoor and outdoor use, you need to strike a balance between making an impact and creating an obstruction. Also, take accurate measurements and never guess the size because these signs are bulky, and mistakes are hard to fix.

 The following sizing guidance applies in most situations:

 A2 A-boards: compact, unobtrusive and easy to handle. These signs fit in the average car and are a good choice for pavement cafes, exhibitions and entrance foyers.

 A1 Pavement Signs: These popular signs are used in the high street and shopping malls and display readily available A1 posters. These signs are available as an A-frame design or as a double-sided frame with a heavy base to be filled with sand or water for ballast.

 A0 Pavement Signs: The large format boards can cause an obstruction, so they're suitable for larger spaces like a supermarket forecourt. These signs are heavy and designed to stay in place.

 30x40 Pavement Signs: similar to A0 pavement signs.

 40x60 Pavement Signs: Designed for garage forecourts where they won't obstruct pedestrians.

Where are your Pavement Displays Printed?

If your pavement display does not require any printed graphics, we are able to despatch extremely quickly – with in-stock items available for sending out the same day if ordered before 1pm.

 However, the majority of pavement signs are either made or assembled to your specification, and may be dependent on receipt of 'print ready' artwork. You will see the earliest possible despatch date based on approval of the artwork on each individual product page.

 As standard, delivery is a 3 - 5 working day service to mainland UK addresses, but on many products we also offer a next working day courier, pre-12/pre-10 working day courier and a Saturday courier.

 We will always make every effort to get your display to you on a short timescale if you have an urgent need for a pavement sign. Although we cannot make any promises, please contact us to expedite your order faster than the stated delivery if this is the case.

How should you look after Pavement Signage Boards?

To ensure your pavement sign last for a long period despite constant outdoor exposure, there are a few steps you can take. Start by cleaning dirt and grime with a soft cloth and soapy water. Avoid harsh chemicals, and remove any weeds that might have taken root.

 To prevent fading, avoid positioning the sign in strong sunlight for long periods of time.

 If the signs are not in use, store in a dry place. If possible, cover with protective material to reduce moisture damage and extend the lifespan of your sign.

 Invest in replacement posters or display panels when your sign shows signs of wear. They're easy to replace and can be used to update your design in seconds. The possibilities are endless!

Does pavement signage need to be brought indoors in bad weather?

Our pavement signs are built to be rain-resistant and durable for regular outdoor use.

 However, we recommend bringing your signs indoors in high winds and rough weather to prevent accidents and damage to your property or other people’s, which you can be liable for.

Can pavement signs be reused?

Our pavement signs make it easy to change up your displays in under a minute. Either snap open the poster board to change your promotions or slide a new poster into the pocket.

Try our flex or swing signs with printed panels if you prefer a more permanent display. These signs require you to change the entire aluminium panel when you want to update your signage.

Do you require planning permission for a pavement sign?

Each council sets out different guidelines for the use of outdoor display boards. For example, many councils are happy for you to display a non-obstructive sign outside your business, while others require a licence.

It’s best to check directly with your local council to find out more as they may also have specifications of the size of sign permissible outside your premises.

Why Choose Display Wizard for your Next Outdoor Display Board?

Display Wizard have produced some fantastic signs during our years of production, so we can ensure that you end up with only the highest-quality display solution for your specific needs. With Display Wizard you are guaranteed: 

  • Products kept in-stock & in-house printing for quick UK despatch

  • Hardware Guarantees

  • Graphic Design Service on custom artwork

 Buy online with confidence, with fast UK shipping. Our in-house graphic design team can assist with the design of your pavement sign if required.

What artwork do I need for pavement signs?

We aim to make the design process as simple as possible: choose between supplying your own artwork using one of our artwork templates or our graphic design service. If you opt for our design service, our in-house team of designers will assist you to create the best artwork to fit your brand guidelines and requirements. 

All the required artwork templates can be downloaded from the individual product page in the ‘information’ section. 

Please see our supply artwork page for more details.

How do you Assemble a Pavement Sign?

Pavement sign assembly is very straightforward, usually involving little more than attaching the frame to the base and slotting in the graphic. 

Of course, assembly instructions vary on the model and are included within the packaging of the sign you purchase.