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Pavement Sign Buyer’s Guide

Pavement signs are a tried and trusted means of advertising, proving that the simple methods can often be the most effective.

However, if you’ve never had to buy a pavement sign before, it can be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this handy pavement sign buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice.

What is a Pavement Sign?

Pavement signs are a popular means of attracting footfall to an establishment – ideal for promoting special offers and keeping customers updated on what’s happening.

They are often used in shops, restaurants, garages, pubs, cafés and at various events.

What other names are there for pavement sign?

• Sandwich Boards
• A-Boards
• Advertising Boards
• Swinger Signs
• A-Frame Signs
• Swing Boards

pavement sign planning permission

Why use a pavement sign?

Pavement signs are seen in a huge variety of locations – from theme parks to car parks. But why are they so popular and what are their primary uses?

Special Offers

Keeping customers aware of any special offers you are running is extremely important for improving footfall and pavement signs are a great way to do this.

Despite us living in the social media age, a well-placed eye-catching pavement sign can lure any passer-by off the street!

Give Safety Notices

Pavement signs are also useful for giving visitors a safety notice – such as hygiene or queuing rules within your store – or for a potential hazard on your site such as an area undergoing maintenance work or cleaning.

They can help you comply with health and safety guidance.

Add Up-Sell Opportunities

Whilst customers may be in store for a necessary purchase – eg. when filling up fuel in a petrol station – you can try to up-sell another purchase whilst on your premises using a pavement sign

Types of Pavement Sign

Swinging Pavement Sign

Swinging pavement signs are one of the most popular type of pavement sign thanks to their ability to withstand windy condition and relatively lightweight design.

There are also huge variety of swinging signs available including wheeled base signs and most have printed panel or poster options available.


  • Stable in windy conditions

  • Durable construction

  • Choice of poster or printed panel

A-Board Signs

A-board signs, also known as A-frames are most popular on the high street thanks to their portability and sturdy design.

Simple to pack up at the end of the day and available in a wide choice of options including chalkboard, printed panel and poster frame, the A-board is a consistently popular choice.


  • Highly Portable

  • Sturdy

  • Low-Cost

Flexi Signs

Flexi Pavement signs are a low-cost option that feature a simple double-sided printed panel in a weighted base.

Lightweight yet wind-resistant thanks to the flexible panel, these are a great budget-friendly solution, whilst lacking some of the ‘wow factor’ of larger signs.


  • Low-Cost

  • Wind Resistant

What to look for in a pavement sign?

There are many different features you need to know about when searching for a pavement sign. Here are three of the most important things to look out for:


Depending on the type of business and your location, you may want to think carefully about the portability of your pavement sign.

A garage forecourt may have a regular spot for their pavement sign, so can choose a larger, heavier forecourt sign that doesn’t need to be moved regularly, if at all.

However, a shop on the high-street may need a more lightweight sign which can be folded up and stored securely overnight to prevent vandalism.

Your Branding

A traditional pub will usually opt for a chalkboard to give their branding a more rustic feel, while a car garage will be happy with a more conventional printed swinger sign.

There are also different colours of frames and bases to consider that may match your brand colours.

How Often the Message Needs to Change

There are a variety of different options for the message area of your pavement sign: you can choose between printed posters, a chalkboard or printed panel. The main difference between these is how often you change the message on the sign itself.

With a printed panel, you are committing to the same message for a prolonged period as it is more costly to change the panel if needed.

A chalkboard, on the other hand, can be easily updated every day or over the course of the day by simply writing and erasing the message.

A printed poster is the in-between option when it comes to regularity of changing the display as the message can be changed fairly easily by switching the posters, but you are much more limited than you would be with a chalkboard.

Ideal Uses of Pavement Signs

Pavement signs are everywhere, here are some of their most popular uses:

• Special offers on the high street
• Pubs & restaurants
• Safety notices (including social distancing guidelines relating to Covid-19)
• Alley shops (get noticed in unlikely spots!)
• Car parks
• Events such as summer fairs and sporting events
• Building Sites
• Queueing Guidelines and Directions through Premises
• Smoking area outside pub, nightclub, restaurant or cafe
• Many, many more…

Which supplier should I choose for my pavement signs?

With over fifteen years providing display equipment for a range of different industries, Display Wizard are experts in all manner of display stands.

• Products kept in-stock & in-house printing for quick UK despatch
• Hardware Guarantees
• Graphic Design Service on custom artwork

For all your pavement sign enquiries please get in touch with Display Wizard today – we are always happy to help!

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