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Promotional Flags

Would you like to promote your organisation outdoors? A promotional flag can draw potential customers into your premises or attract attention at an outdoor event.

JetStream Promo Feather Flag

From £65.00

JetStream Promo Teardrop Flag

From £65.00

Vortex 5m High Rotating Flag


JetStream Backpack Flags


JetStream 360 Flag - Feather

From £89.00

JetStream 360 Flag - Teardrop

From £89.00

JetStream 360 Flag - Fin

From £89.00

JetStream 360 Flag - Square Top Sail

From £99.00

Frequently asked questions

What is a Promotional Flag?

Advertising flags have a bold and stylish design meaning they will give your organisation heightened visibility and appeal.

These event flags are perfect for outdoor shows, sporting events or even as a permanent attraction outside a shop or entrance. They come in a wide range of shapes including teardrop, sail and square-top.

They also have a number of base options, which allows them to be used in indoors, on beaches or grass, windy areas, under car wheels and more.

Promotional flags are ideally suited for summer events such as festivals, country shows and even outdoor trade shows. However, they are highly weatherproof meaning they can withstand the tougher winter months outdoors.

What are Feather Flags?

Feather flags are printed flags in a feather design. They are lightweight, durable and most-importantly very eye-catching; they are a great way to attract new customers to your organisation.

Their attractive feather-style graphic is made from a high-quality, weatherproof polyester. This graphic allows for a mirror-image print to display your branding on. Your custom-printed branding is applied via a dye sublimation process, where heat and pressure from the printer guarantees excellent image clarity and vibrant colours.

These feather banners come in a range of heights – with options from small flags that attach to your backpack to large flags over 5m high.

What are Teardrop Flags?

Teardrop flags are printed displays with an attractive 'teardrop' shape that can help take your branding to new levels.

These flags are printed using a 'mirror-image' method of printing. This means although it is only printed once, it has the reverse image on the back of the display.

What are Square Flags?

Square flags are rectangular mounted banners that can be used to draw attention to your product or service outdoors.

They come in a range of sizes to help you increase visibility in display areas indoors or outdoors.

How Much are your Event Flags?

Our event flags start at just £65, with discounts available for bulk quantity orders.

Promo flags can be an advertising display that works for your business for years so it’s an investment that can promote your business for years to come.

How to Assemble Event Flags?

There’s no need to worry about the assembly of these flags – the flag pole simply push-fits together, and then can be easily fitted into one of the bases provided.

First, consider your printed flags' location, then choose an appropriate base. For example, a water base or weighted cross base could be more suitable for indoor or pavement displays. In contrast, ground spikes and stackable water bases are more resistant for use in outdoor displays.

Next, unpack the poles from the storage bag and connect them together. Then thread through the flag pocket and secure the bottom eyelet to the pole with the toggle provided. Finally, slot the flagpole into your chosen base, and your flag is ready for use. We have videos on our product pages showing the assembly process in more detail.

What Types of Custom Flags are Available?

Our feather flags are robust, versatile feather-shaped banners available with a range of base options. They are suitable for almost any environment - all at affordable prices.

The teardrop flags have an appealing 'teardrop-style' shape for maximum visual impact.

The square-top sail banners have a striking, professional rectangular design. They come in super-large sizes if required.

Can Feather Flag Banners & Other Flags be used in any Weather?

All our promotional printed flags are suitable for use outdoors and are naturally wind-resistant up to 25mph. Please be aware that heavy winds, rain and snow can expose your branded flags to excess wear and cause them to rip. When assembling your flags, ensure they're clear of solid surfaces to avoid wear and tear.

What Base should I choose for my Printed Flags?

The best flag base to use depends on the location of your display and the surface where the base will be used. We can supply several different options, including:

  • Steel ground spike for soft ground like sand and grass.

  • Internal cross base for internal use of flags up to 3200mm (h).

  • Internal square base for internal use with flags up to 3200mm (h).

  • Drive-on car foot for outdoor use where a vehicle is used as a counterweight.

  • Small parasol base suitable for internal and external use with flags up to 3200mm (h). Can be filled with sand or water.

  • Large parasol base ideal for interior or exterior use with flags up to 4150mm (h). Fillable with water or sand.

Do your Promotional Flags come with Printed Graphics?

Most flags are supplied with a single-sided mirror image banner, so your branding will correctly display on one side of the banner and be reversed on the other. All graphics are printed on high-quality 115gsm knitted polyester using a dye sublimation process.

How are your Feather Flags, Square Flags and Teardrop Flags Printed?

Whether you need feather flags, event flags or advertising flags, we use the same dye sublimation process for our graphics. This technology embeds the image in the fabric's weave for vibrant, eye-catching colour and durability.

We mirror-print the image on one side to keep our feather flags lightweight.

We can supply generic banners or create customised branded flags that optimise your marketing message.

At Display Wizard we only use the highest-quality print materials to ensure our flags will be both attractive and long-lasting. Most of these flags are printed on a weatherproof knitted 115gsm polyester featuring mirror-image branding on both sides.

What Design Artwork is Required for Printed Promotional Flags?

We offer two options to keep the design process as seamless as possible: supplying your artwork using our templates (downloaded from the information page) or working with our in-house professional design team.

You'll work closely with our professional graphic design team to optimise the ROI of your promotional flag and create the best artwork for your brand.

If you prefer to create your own artwork, keep it simple for maximum visibility - your logo, a relevant image and minimal text work best.

To find out more, visit our supply artwork page for more details.

What are the Advantages of using an Advertising Flag?

These flags are all printed and finished in the UK, guaranteeing a high-quality finish with a quick production and delivery turnaround. We also offer a graphic design service for our flags, meaning our in-house team of designers can take your brief and turn it into an eye-catching event flag.


  • Eye-catching

  • Mobile: can be placed almost anywhere

  • Easy to put up

  • On-trend

  • Inexpensive

  • Weatherproof

  • Hardware guarantee

What artwork do I need for Event Flags?

To make the design process as easy as possible, we offer two options.

Our professional in-house graphic design team can create the artwork for you.

Or we provide templates for your own artwork, which can be downloaded from the information section of the product page. To find out more, visit our supply artwork page.

Why use Display Wizard for your Feather Flags?

At Display Wizard, we're one of the UK's leading suppliers of printed feather flags and other shapes, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. And our team can help you maximise your display with expert tips and advice on everything from design to complementary display stands.

These pop up flags are all printed and finished in the UK, guaranteeing a high-quality finish with a quick production and delivery turnaround. We also offer a graphic design service for our flags, meaning our in-house team of designers can take your brief and turn it into an eye-catching event flag.

Other advantages of working with Display Wizard include:

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Cutting-edge print technology.

  • Durable, high-quality materials.

  • Exceptional, long-lasting graphics.

  • Helpful customer service.