Exhibition Stand Glossary

With so many different types of exhibition stand available, getting lost in the lingo can be easy.

To help make things clearer, we have put together a handy guide to help out with the terminology:

Exhibition Language Terminology

Types of Event:

Exhibition: A marketing event for organisations to showcase their products/services. This type of event can also be attended by the public.

Trade Show: A marketing event for companies to attract business by showcasing their products/services. A trade show is supposedly only open to professionals within that industry, however this is not always the case.

Conference: A large formal meeting of people with similar interests, sometimes business-related.

Confex: Exhibition held at the same time as a conference.

Types of Exhibition Stand:

Exhibition Stands: Also known as a promotional display stand or exhibition booth in the US, this term describes a promotional display: usually a branded printed material attached to a frame (banner stand, pop up display etc.) that helps attract attention for a certain product/service. Confusingly, exhibition stand may also describe the larger framework (often a latticed, metal structure or other custom-designed exhibition stand) which the exhibitor must use as their promotional space at an event.

Promotional Display: Another name for an exhibition stand.

Exhibition Booth: An alternative name for exhibition stand often used in the US.

Exhibition Stand Space: The space purchased by an individual organisation within an exhibition venue. Prices vary according to the popularity of the show and location within the venue. These spaces are available in two formats, space-only and shell scheme package.

Shell-Scheme Package: Shell-schemes are a blank framework that event organisers will erect in the venue before an event. They are uniform in design, meaning you will need to decorate your space with smaller display stands that fit inside the dimensions to stand out.

Space-Only: As the name suggests, for this option you get the space without any pre-existing framework. For this option you will need to bring your own larger stand framework such as a gantry system or other custom exhibition stand.

Exhibition Venue Language:

Aisle: The space between exhibits for the attendees to visit a show. Aisles will often be a set width and cannot be taken up by the exhibitor.

Build: To assemble a structure, usually an exhibition stand before the show begins.

Break down: To dismantle take away an exhibition stand after a show, this may be done for you by a supplier.

Exhibitor Pack: A brochure of information from the event organisers which contains all rules and regulations about exhibiting at an event.

Event Catalogue/Guide: A listing of all the exhibitors at an event and their stand position.

Loading Dock: The area in the venue where show items may be unloaded. Check with the organiser about hiring moving equipment.

Rigging: The process of hanging something from the ceiling of a venue, whether by the event organiser or the exhibitor.

Exhibition Stand Design:

AV Equipment: TVs, iPads, interactive displays etc. need to be considered during design.

Carpet: You may choose to have your own carpet or floorboards fitted on your stand.

Exhibition Furniture: Chairs, tables etc. may be hired from the event organiser or provided by you.

Gantry: A metal framework which provides the outline for a custom exhibition stand.

Graphic Drops:A printed material that hangs from the framework of your exhibition stand, allowing you to customise your allotted space.

Height: Exhibition venues have different height restrictions on stands and displays.

Lighting: Lights can be fixed on to the framework of the stand or from the shell scheme to provide more exposure for parts of your stand.

Types of Exhibition Stand:

Banner Stands: These highly popular stands feature a graphic held in place by an easily-transportable frame.

Pop Up Stands: Graphic panels are attached to a latticed frame to create a large-scale backwall-type display.

Custom-Built Exhibition Stands: For a completely bespoke solution you can hire a stand for your event.

Display Boards: Customisable nylon boards, onto which messages and notes can be attached.

Modular Display Systems: Available in three main types: linear, twist or vector; these displays can adapt to fit any size of shell-scheme.

Literature Stands: Holders for brochures, magazines and leaflets which can accompany your displays on your stand.

Portable Exhibition Furniture: Branded, easy-to-carry furniture that can be assembled with ease.

Fabric Display Stands: Display stands printed on lightweight fabric for a modern, stylish design.

Exhibition Stand Print Material:

When looking for a display solution, you may notice there are four main materials that can be used for the graphics.

Polyester-based: High-quality, dimensionally stable, yet expensive material ideal for indoor use.

Polypropylene: A lower-cost alternative to polyester-based materials, yet is less dimensionally stable and may curl.

PVC: Mainly used for outdoor applications because of its durability, however poor-quality PVCs will curl easily.

Fabric: A versatile material for indoor or outdoor use that can be folded, although creasing is possible.

If you would like any more information about exhibition stand terminology, please visit our display stand buyer's guide section.

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