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LED Light Box Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to branding for your business, standing out is paramount. Display light boxes offer a luminous solution that not only highlights your message but ensures it captivates and engages. This guide dives into the essentials of display light boxes, helping you make an informed decision for your branding needs.


1.       What is an LED Light box?

2.       Why use a display light box?

3.       What are the different types of LED light box?

4.       How are LED light boxes illuminated?

5.       Can an LED Light Box be used as a stand-alone exhibition stand?

6.       Which supplier should I choose for my display light box?

led light box buyers guide

1. What are LED Light Boxes?

Display light boxes are innovative display solutions that use illuminated graphics to enhance your branding.

Ideal for making a big impression, these light boxes ensure your advertising shines, literally. Portable and easy to assemble, they are well-suited to use at exhibitions, trade shows, and more.

LED Light Boxes usually feature either a printed fabric panel or a poster that can be illuminated from the display system, with graphics designed for easy replacement. This graphic flexibility allows for different promotions or events, ensuring your branding remains fresh and relevant.

What are other names for LED Light Boxes?

·         Display Lightboxes

·         Freestanding Lightboxes

·         Exhibition Lightboxes

·         Illuminated Light Boxes

·         Backlit Poster Frames

2. Why use an LED Light Box?

LED Light Boxes are becoming more and more popular at events and in retail spaces, but why should you use an LED Light Box?

·         Versatile Displays

LED Light Boxes are often utilised in exhibitions and trade show settings, where competition for eyeballs is fierce and any competitive advantage can be key. They can also be used as illuminated window displays, helping your branding or information remain visible even during darker hours.

·         Cutting-Edge Design

Have you ever been to an event and thought all the displays looked very similar? Maybe you want a change from using a tired old banner stand or pop-up stand at an event? A display light box is ideal for companies looking for a cutting-edge display solution that looks innovative thanks to illuminated graphics and eye-catching frames.

·         High-Quality Fabric Print

Most LED Light Boxes feature fabric graphics. These graphics are printed using UV print technology, with the fabric panels for these light boxes offering even light dispersion and high-definition graphics. This method reduces the risk of black spots and makes for a crisp and engaging visual display.

3. What are the Different Types of LED Light Boxes?

Whether you need a wall-mounted option for your establishment or a freestanding light box for event marketing, there's a solution to fit your needs.

The main types of LED light box display available are:

modulight display

ModuLIGHT Exhibition Lightboxes

ModuLIGHT Exhibition Lightboxes are backlit displays designed specifically for marketing events such as trade shows.

They have a highly modular frame which can alter in height and even be linked to form larger backwall-like displays.

These innovative displays feature Osram LED technology meaning these displays shine up to 75% brighter than similar displays, all while setting the benchmark for energy efficiency in the industry.

backlit poster frames

Backlit Poster Frames

Backlit poster frames that can be fixed to a wall to illuminate a poster and help it shine bright.

These frames are well-suited to businesses looking to run promotions and offers or those wanting to feature a menu as the poster can be switched easily when needed.

freestanding light boxes

Freestanding Light Boxes

Our freestanding light boxes are also suitable for trade shows with several different shapes and sizes to fit your exhibiting space.

Whilst these displays are designed for maximum visual impact they are also built for convenience.

They are lightweight and easy to put up and down, making them perfect for quick setups at marketing events and roadshows.

led backlit counters

LED Backlit Counters

Our LED Backlit Counters are illuminated counters that pair brilliantly with an LED Light Box to give you a branded table solution for your event.

These backlit counters also feature custom branding that can be easily interchanged for different events.

4. How are LED light boxes illuminated?

Most of our systems use Osram LEDs, which run the entire width of the system and are exceptionally energy efficient with a long lifespan. This backlit technology ensures even light distribution and no black spots across your display.

Once the frame is in place the SEG fabric or transparent poster graphics can be installed, with just enough light passing through them to ensure the display is lit up whilst the print is still clearly visible.

Other systems utilise similar technology which needs to be powered by an external power source during your event. Please note that events such as trade shows do usually charge for a power supply so make sure you check with the event organiser for the costs for the required power output for your display.

5. Can an LED Light Box Be Used as a Stand-Alone Exhibition Stand?

Thanks to their slimline aluminium profile and tensioned fabric graphics, LED light boxes are not only striking but also highly portable. They can be easily packed into a single carton, with connectors available for joining multiple boxes into a larger display.

For larger, backwall displays and space-only exhibits, we would recommend the ModuLIGHT LED Lightbox system. This system is made up of several lightbox panels which can be easily joined together to make larger displays in different configurations including:

-          L-Shape Light Box Systems

-          U-Shape Light Box Systems

-          Backwall Light Box Systems

-          Island Light Box Systems

These different configurations allow for a display that looks breathtaking from every angle. What’s more, you can easily transport and assemble these displays yourself, even for large-scale exhibition systems.

All ModuLIGHT stands include wheeled ABS hard cases and simply assembled push-fit and twist & lock frame components without the need for any tools. Once the frame is assembled it’s simple to add your graphics and plug in ready for your event.

Of course, we also have several smaller individual freestanding LED Light Box systems which can be easily assembled should you be limited on exhibiting space at your event.

6. Which supplier should I select for my display light box?

Display Wizard stands as a premier provider of display light boxes for businesses across the UK and Europe.

  • Boasting a dedicated team specialised in the design of exhibition displays, we can help you find the perfect display light box.

  • Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures your visuals look fantastic and can stand the test of time, maintaining their vibrancy and impact over time.

  • Choose any display light box or counter from us and benefit from rapid delivery across the UK mainland!

For additional information on display light boxes or to explore other display solutions, get in touch today!

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