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Queue Barriers

We supply queue barriers for use in shops, restaurants, cafés and at various events. From cafe barriers to retractable belt barriers we have a solution for your business needs.

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Café Barriers

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We supply queue barriers for use in shops, restaurants, cafés and at various events. They come in a range of styles, colours and designs to suit the branding of your establishment if required.

A queue management system can help create order for the queues in your shop, restaurant or event, making you seem more professional and attracting new customers.

At Display Wizard we offer high-quality queue barriers that come with a 3-year hardware guarantee as standard. These queue barriers are also portable so can be used for events such as exhibitions, trade shows and award ceremonies.

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Queue barriers are a system for managing people into queues utilising tape or rope barriers.

We supply queue barriers for use in shops, restaurants, cafés and at various events. They come in a range of styles, colours and designs to suit the branding of your establishment if required.

There are many advantages of using a queue barrier including:

  • High-quality components

  • Can be attached to others for longer barriers

  • Professional appearance

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Control the flow of visitors

  • Manage large crowds at special events

  • Portable for event usage

Ideal Uses

  • Reception area

  • Food stall

  • School

  • Exhibition

  • Museum

  • Christmas or other seasonal events

  • Library

  • Many, many more…

Types of Queue Barrier

We offer different types of queue barrier system to suit your needs:

Rope barriers are simple but effective queue systems available with a range of rope types.

Retractable belt barriers are made up of a heavy-duty stanchion and inbuilt belt tape, these barriers can help divide any area where you want to form a line.

Café barriers display printed graphics so you can lure more customers into your establishment.

Display Wizard don't just offer retail and POS displays such as queue barriers, we also offer a number of different exhibition stands such as pop up banners.

Still not sure what you want? Contact us and have a chat about your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

How much do Queue Barriers Cost?

Queue barriers are a budget-friendly option for your organisation. Individual post prices start at £24.50, although please note that you will need a minimum of two posts to form a queue barrier system.

What to look for in queue management systems?

There are three essential features you need to look out for when investing in a queue management system:

Belt length: The industry standard length is 2.3m, so look for belts over 3m long for added value. The longer the belt, the fewer posts you require.

Base weight: Bases need to be well-weighted, so customers can't knock them over. Look out for this feature if you require outdoor barriers that need to be wind-resistant.

Connections and release mechanism: Look out for four-way post connections to create a wide range of configurations. Another helpful feature is a slow-retract braking system, which prevents the belts from snapping shut and causing damage to the belt end.

How many queue barrier posts are required?

Many of our retractable belts are 3.4m long, although individual products may vary, so check before use. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, you'll need at least one post or wall bracket every 3.4m. Since our retractable belts are longer than the industry standard 2.3m, you'll need 45% fewer posts.

Another factor to consider is queue length. Our retractable belts feature 2-3 arrival notches, giving you multiple queuing configurations from a single post.

Contact our team, and they'll be happy to discuss a bespoke queuing system to meet your needs.

What is a stanchion?

A stanchion is the post that houses a retractable belt or rope hook and can be a standalone pole or wall-mounted housing. You'll require several stanchions to create a bespoke queueing or access system.

Can you custom print barriers?

Our custom retractable QueueMaster belt systems are fully printable. Choose from standard safety messages, including 'Caution - do not enter' and 'out of service' or choose your own custom design with lettering and logos.

Please note we require a minimum order of 10 belts, plus a one-off machine calibration charge.

What stock messages are available on your Queue Dividers

There are a number of stock belt messages available, containing common phrases used on belts, these are:









  • 'NO ENTRY'


We are also able to provide custom belt printing with logos and other text, please contact us for more information on this.