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    Portable Display Cases

    These portable display cases are perfectly adapted for displaying products at promotional events. They can be personalised with your own graphics to make sure you give off the right impression for your brand.

    LED Counter One


    Spiral Portable Display Plinth

    From £232.00

    Spiral Portable Display Tower


    Centro Portable Display Pod

    From £699.00

    PC-1 Folding Counter

    From £459.00

    PC-2 Folding Counter

    From £499.00

    PC-3 Folding Counter

    From £689.00

    PC-4 Curved Folding Counter

    From £609.00

    PC-12-H Folding Showcase

    From £879.00

    PC-12-B Folding Display Case

    From £879.00

    PC-12-C Portable Display Case

    From £979.00


    Buy Display Cases Online

    These displays are ideally suited for exhibitors who want to look professional at a number of different events. You will be surprised at the high load-bearing capabilities of each product; many are designed to hold a large amount of weight for long periods.



    • Sturdy

    • Attractive

    • Load-bearing

    • Easily assembled

    • Lightweight


    Ideal Uses

    • Exhibitions

    • Trade Shows

    • Product Launces

    • Promotional Shows

    • Many, many more


    Unsure Which Display Solution to Choose?

    Looking to promote your company by offering samples of a product? See our promotional counters & displays for some fantastically-designed solutions for interactive display stands.

    If you want to complete your exhibiting space with a few more display stands, look into the rest of our range of exhibition stands. We also have a number of modular display systems which can be easily-altered to fit different display spaces.

    Still not sure which item is for you? Contact our UK sales team today for some friendly, helpful advice on choosing the best display solution to suit your needs.