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Freestanding Lightboxes

These freestanding lightboxes feature custom-printed graphics that are backlit for maximum exposure. Perfect for exhibitions, trade shows or permanent use, a lightbox can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

POPlight Backlit Banner Stand - 850mm x 2000mm

Was £265.00£219.00

LED Pop Up

Was £464.00From £399.00


From £1,759.00

LED Fabric Lightboxes – Freestanding

From £669.00

Lumos Illuminated Maxi Tower


Lumos Illuminated Midi Tower


Lumos Illuminated Mini Tower


Buy Floor-Standing Light Boxes Online

Freestanding light boxes are a great way to shine above the competition at exhibitions, trade shows and other events. Alternatively they can be used as a more permanent display inside a marketing suite or reception area.

All our lightboxes use high-quality LED lighting to ensure your graphics are illuminated evenly and beautifully, creating a stunning visual impact that draws the eye from afar.

What’s more, our in-house design and print services enable you to showcase your brand's message with clarity and vibrant colours. The custom-printed graphics are easy to change, allowing for flexible and dynamic messaging at different events or seasons.

Despite their impressive size and impact, our lightboxes are designed for convenience. They are surprisingly lightweight and easy to assemble, making them perfect for exhibitors who need a practical yet powerful display solution.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Freestanding Lightbox

Our freestanding lightboxes combine sleek, modern designs with cutting-edge technology to create displays that not only attract attention but also leave a lasting impression.

Our most popular light box range for exhibition use is the Modulight LED Light Box System due to its excellent versatility for a variety of exhibiting spaces.

You may also want to pair your floor-standing light box with an LED Backlit Counter for maximum impact at your event. 

Looking to attach a lightbox to a wall? If so, look at our backlit poster frames for our selection of mounted units.

If you would like any more information on floor-standing light boxes or any other display solution, please contact our friendly UK sales team now!