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Retail & POS Stand Buyer’s Guide

Retail and POS (point-of-sale) displays are designed to give your organisation heightened professionalism inside your establishment.

With a huge number to choose from it may be stressful trying to choose the right display solution for your brand so this guide is here to help!


  • What is a retail & POS stand?

  • Types of retail & POS stand

  • What to look for in a retail & POS stand?

  • Which supplier should I choose for my retail & POS stands?

What is a retail & POS stand?

A retail & POS stand is a type of display stand that is best suited to use in a retail or point-of-purchase environment.

These stands function differently to exhibition stands or outdoor displays which are mainly used for one-off events.

Retail & POS stands are generally used to project a professional image of your company in order to convert visitors at your establishment.


What other names are there for a retail & POS stand?

  • Shop displays

  • Retail equipment

  • Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

  • Store displays (US)


Types of retail & POS display


Display light boxes house changeable posters which can be lit up for greater advertising exposure, they can be wall-mounted or free-standing.

They come in different shapes and sizes such as towers, columns and frames but are generally used in shops and other retail environments although can also be used at exhibitions and events.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective

  • Many different types available

  • Simple to assemble


Poster frames are the perfect way to display posters in your shop, reception, restaurant or other place of work.

They help you project a professional image of your establishment and highlight key information about your organisation. There are also various frame types available: from easy-to-open snap frames to lightweight rail options.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, rapid poster change

  • Keeps poster secure

  • Helps your posters gain additional exposure


Often utilised by estate agents and other businesses for which it is important to have a prominent window display, these cable display systems are designed to exhibit multiple posters attractively and effectively.

Suitable for portrait or landscape posters and available with a variety of fixing options such as wall-to-wall and ceiling to floor, these kits are an effective low-cost display solution.

Key Benefits

  • Variety of sizes available: from A5 to A1

  • Simple design puts the focus on the poster

  • Posters can be changed easily



Portable display cases such as counters and towers are designed to showcase your products to a larger audience using branded graphics to make the stand more appealing.

These load-bearing structures can give you the edge over your competitors by making your product appear to be a‘premium product’.

Key Benefits

  • Heighten interest in your product

  • Display products securely

  • Associates your brand more closely to your products



Whether it’s a queue barrier with a printed banner display for branding or a simple rope system, a queue barrier is a great way to keep your customers in order.

Retractable barrier systems allow for more complex queue management systems due to infinite post configurations and optional wall mounted cartridges and receiving brackets.

Key Benefits

  • Customisable

  • Cost-effective

  • Weighted bases available for high traffic areas


Designed to not only display your branding proudly and effectively but also to be non-slip, these printed floor mats are the perfect way to instantly impose your branding on visitors into your shop or establishment.

Key Benefits

  • Washable

  • Welcome visitors with style

  • Anti-slip features


Promotional counters are fantastic stands for sampling or demonstrations at shopping centres, in-store or at an event.

As they are custom branded they provide a unique way to showcase food, products or promotional literature.

Key Benefits

  • Sturdy

  • Portable

  • Outdoor options available



Rigid panel holders can hold a range of rigid media such as MDF, foamex board, plastic and much more.

They are a simple and cost-effective solution to displaying special offers and key information to visitors of your establishment.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective

  • Lightweight

  • Can accomodate a range of media

What to look for in a retail & POS stand?


Unlike many of the printed display stands, retail and POS stand will generally be more interactive and inevitability be bumped and bruised by customers.
Having a guarantee on the hardware of these products is essential, whilst making sure the product is assembled correctly and looked after properly will also help.

Brand Consistency

Does the retail and POS stand fit with your existing interior design and other display stands such as banner stands or outdoor displays? Making sure the colours and logo are consistent on your stand and in your store will ensure continuity with the feel of your retail space.

Before you choose a stand think carefully about your brand and whether you want to give off a ‘premium’ impression or a more open and engaging identity; once you know this your ideal retail & POS stand will become evident.

High Quality

Whilst a cheaper retail and POS stand may be a good short-term fix it won’t impress visitors into believing in your brand. It is always a turn-off to see restaurants and shops with old, worn-out display stands before you’ve even set foot in the door.
Keeping your retail stands up-to-date is a great way to keep your retail space fresh and appealing and to show customers that you still take pride in your business.

Which supplier should I choose for my retail & POS stands?

Display Wizard are experienced in the design and print of retail and POP stand solutions

  • Consistent quality across our range, including hardware guarantees on all of our solutions.

  • In-house design team will make your vision a reality.

  • Quick & cheap UK mainland delivery.

We have a wide variety of different retail and POS displays, if you require something you haven’t seen here please contact us today!

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