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ModuLIGHT Exhibition Lightboxes

ModuLIGHT Exhibition Lightboxes are freestanding, modular LED light box systems. They are designed to help you stand out at events such as trade shows thanks to being 75% brighter than competing LED backlit stands.

ModuLIGHT Exhibition Lightboxes

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ModuLIGHT L-Shape Exhibition Lightboxes

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Exhibition LED Lightboxes: Modular By Design

ModuLIGHT's frame is made from high-quality, anodised aluminium panels, setting a new standard in quality and durability for exhibition LED lightboxes.

With it's patented wireless connector system, multiple frames can be added or removed to ensure that you can fill your exhibition space with ease.

Designed with longevity in mind, every ModuLIGHT kit is made from only the best materials and can be reconfigured to fit any exhibition space. Replacement graphics will keep your marketing messages fresh, show after show.

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osram led technology

Industry Leading Brightness

Incorporating Osram LED Technology, ModuLIGHT trade show light boxes are up to 75% brighter than competing systems while delivering industry-leading energy efficiency.

These highly efficient, powerful LED modules provide even illumination across the frame and eliminates the shadowing often found on systems with inferior lights.

ModuLIGHT has been designed from the ground up to stand out and captivate, ensuring that your artwork is visible, no matter the setting.

ModuLIGHT fitting

Patented Wire-Free Connection

Typically, exhibition lightbox systems require an external transformer which leaves an unsightly power brick and mess of cables. Lower quality systems will also typically require the user to connect frame modules together with a small and fragile cable in order to transfer power from one frame module to the next.

ModuLIGHT was designed to solve these issues and provide a light box that can be used time after time - say goodbye to flickering lights and unsightly cables. ModuLIGHT features a transformer that is integrated into the frame and a patented, wire free connector system.

modulight case

High-Quality ABS Hardcases

Every ModuLIGHT kit comes packed in high-quality ABS hardcases, ensuring maximum protection and mobility.

These handy cases are just 1.2m in length, allowing them to fit in cars as well as smaller vans. For added protection, the case contains foam inserts with dedicated cut-outs for each component. Each ModuLIGHT component is numbered, making it easy to locate the parts needed and making set-up a breeze.

Weighing in at around 32kg loaded, each ModuLIGHT case is lightweight and easy to transport thanks to the wheels and thoughtfully positioned handles.