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Portable Exhibition Furniture Buyer’s Guide

Portable exhibition furniture should play a part in any successful event, yet which piece of furniture is best for you?

Our guide helps to clear up some of the terminology and advises on the best uses for each piece of event equipment.


What is portable exhibition furniture?

Portable exhibition furniture is a type of furniture that can be easily packed away and transported to events and shows.

This type of display equipment is most widely seen at events where furniture is needed that is load-bearing yet doesn't take up too much space in the boot of your car or other means of transport.

In addition to this, customisable graphics are available on many pieces of event furniture to enable the stand to fit in with your branding.

What other names are there for portable exhibition furniture?

  • Transportable event furniture

  • Exhibition display furniture

  • Exhibition equipment

  • Trade show furniture

  • Branded display furniture


Why use portable exhibition furniture?

This type of furniture can be seen at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, shopping centres, networking events and many more settings, but what makes it so appealing?

Professionalism on the move

At an event you want to look as professional as possible, but this can be difficult with limited space and a series of similar venue spaces.

A key way to do this could be with exhibition furniture, which can often be branded, and provides a surface from which you can engage with visitors on your stand.

Load bearing

Having a place for your business cards, corporate literature and enquiry forms is invaluable at an event, so exhibition furniture is designed to give you these options.

In addition to this, a number of these stands have inner shelves or compartments where items can be stored, whilst locking features are also available.


Unlike furniture supplied by the event organisers or the venue, many types of temporary furniture can be branded with your logo or marketing message.

Look out for stands that have customisable graphics available as these will help you stand out from the rest and keep your brand message consistent throughout your booth.


Types of portable exhibition furniture


Display plinths are the ideal piece of exhibition equipment for displaying products that you feel are important to your company.

Once assembled, these plinths can be up to 1.2m high and are stable enough for heavy loads, yet despite this load-bearing capacity they are simply folded away by removing the top, base and rolling up the MDF tambour wrap.


Counters and workstations have a larger worktop for displaying more items, whilst they mostly offer inner storage space for items you don’t want to showcase.

There are a number of shapes and sizes available, whilst some of the workstations can accommodate desktop computers or laptops.

Whilst many of these counters and workstations come in a number of colours, others are available with a graphic wrap that can be branded to your requirements.


Lecterns are the ideal display stand to give a speech from, built with a clear document shelf for handy notes at the top.

They are also designed for professionalism at a conference, meeting or corporate event as they can keep paper and other items hidden inside the casing.

On top of this, they are highly portable and can be transported easily to and from events.


Showcases are ideal for exhibitors who have valuable items they’d like to display at a trade fair, exhibition or other event.

Made up of a secure lower cabinet and transparent upper viewing area, showcases also feature lockable doors meaning they are the most secure exhibition display stand.


These iPad holders are free-standing and are available with tables, literature holders and a secure lockable case to house the iPad itself.

These are great if you want to showcase your website or other interactive features at an event. Custom branding and multi-iPad stands are available.


AV stands enable you to showcase your branding next to a large-scale TV (22” – 42”).

These stands are a great way to showcase a company video, website or feature a new product or service.


Designing portable exhibition furniture

Unlike banner stands and pop up displays, not all portable exhibition furniture can be modified with bespoke graphics.
However, if you do choose a piece of exhibition furniture which can be branded make sure you keep the design simple.

Most customisable event furniture isn’t visible at eye-level, so text may not be that easy to read. Keep your branding simple and consistent, perhaps just with your colour scheme and logo to fit in with your other stands.

For tips on how to design your plinth, counter or showcase, please see our guide on how to design an exhibition stand.


Looking after your portable exhibition furniture

Like any exhibition stand, lightweight furniture can be easily damaged if not looked after properly. To ensure it lasts for a number of events, make sure you keep the graphic well-protected in transport and purchase a carry bag for extra security.

For more information on caring for your movable event furniture, please see our guide on how to extend the life of an exhibition stand.


Which supplier should I choose for my portable exhibition furniture?

Display Wizard are one of the most experienced suppliers of event and exhibition equipment and can supply with your custom stand in just a few days.

  • With guarantees on all our hardware, you are certain to be happy with our exhibition equipment.

  • With a wide range of pop ups, banner stands and large-scale exhibition stands, we can offer the perfect accompaniment to your piece of furniture.

  • We offer quick and cheap mainland UK delivery on all event furniture orders!

For more information on exhibition furniture or any other displays stands, please get in touch with Display Wizard today!


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