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Outdoor Display Stand Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor advertising, when done correctly, is a fantastic way to increase footfall into your establishment or to attract attention at an outdoor event such as an alfresco trade show, summer fair, country show or festival.

But what types of display are available and what should you look for in an outdoor stand? This handy buyer's guide breaks down the difficult industry terminology to help you decide which stand is best for you.

What is an outdoor stand?

An outdoor display stand is a printed promotional display designed for use outside. An outdoor display usually takes the form of a weatherproof print material which stands alone or comes with a frame to hold it in place.

Outdoor displays are often seen outside shop premises, at outdoor events or as more permanent displays by the roadside.

What other names are there for an outdoor stand?

  • Outdoor exhibition stand

  • External display stands

  • Outdoor display equipment

  • Outdoor display boards

  • Alfresco display stands


Types of outdoor stand


Flags are an eye-catching addition to any establishment that wants to heighten their visibility outdoors.

Fabric flags come with a number of different base types including water or sand-fillable options for extra strength outdoors.

Key Benefits

  • Available in extra-large sizes for maximum exposure

  • Weather-resistant

  • Mobile options available


Lamp post banners can also be used to help your business stand out, as their large size can attract attention from afar or alert passing drivers to your presence.

The double-sided PVC graphics for lamp post banners are strong and durable and look great attached to a variety of pole dimensions.

Key Benefits

  • PVC is durable and weather-resistant

  • An eye-catching piece of roadside advertising

  • Can be wall-mounted on bracket


These advertising banners can be customised in their shape and size to represent your service or product. They can be fixed to railings, barriers or can be supplied with a metal frame for a freestanding display.

Available in fabric or PVC and up to 50 metres wide, these banners are wind and water-proof and are suitable for events or as a permanent outdoor display.

Key Benefits

  • Huge range of sizes available: up to 49 metres wide and 2.45 metres high

  • Choose the print media that best suits your needs

  • Cost-effective


Outdoor banner stands consist of a water or sand-fillable base onto which a weatherproof graphic is attached. The graphic can be removed and changed for different events.

These have the benefit of being suited for indoor use as well, so could be best for you if you exhibit at both indoor and outdoor marketing events.

Key Benefits

  • Heavy base designed for stability in windy conditions

  • Portable for use at a number of outdoor events

  • Can replace graphics to change marketing message


A pavement sign is best for a permanent display outside an establishment.

They come in a variety of styles, with many able to house changeable posters for different marketing messages.


Key Benefits

  • Great way to bring customers indoors

  • Chalkboard/poster options available to change advertising message

  • Double sided for maximum impact


Custom marquees and gazebos are a useful temporary structure for outdoor events such as weddings, parties, trade shows, charity fundraisers, sporting events and much more.

They can also be customised with your own branding or message for a particular event.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect promotional stand for Spring/Summer use

  • Pop up frame can be assembled by end-user

  • Ideal for festivals and other outdoor events

What to look for in an outdoor stand?

Clear branding

As outdoor displays will be outside in bad weather, you may want to have a fairly minimalist design consisting of your logo and some company branding rather than a large amount of small text which may be difficult to read in windy and rainy conditions.


Heavy base/fixing

Indoor stands will easily blow over outside as the base is designed for easy portability.

An outdoor stand should have a water or sand-fillable base or a fixing that can be attached to a solid object. These requirements will give the stand extra strength in windy conditions.

Suitability for location

Most outdoor advertising solutions should be wind-tested in accordance with the Beaufort scale. If you are in a particularly windy area, be careful to check your display’s rating against the wind speed in your area.
Most flags and lamp post banners will not be designed for extremely windy conditions so make sure you take them down in high winds as they could become dangerous for your staff and other pedestrians.

Which supplier should I choose for my outdoor stands?

With over ten years of experience in the exhibition industry, Display Wizard can help you with all of your exhibiting needs for outdoor events.

  • All of our outdoor displays have been weather-tested for guaranteed longevity

  • Hardware guarantees as standard

  • Quick & cheap UK mainland delivery.

Whatever your outdoor advertising needs are Display Wizard are bound to have a solution. Have a look at our full range of outdoor displays on our website or contact us today.

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