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    Display boards are a practical display solution used for presenting hook fastener-backed posters or graphics at trade shows, schools, offices and in other public spaces.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a display board?

    A display board is a portable display stand primarily used for pinning paper, leaflets and important notices. Display boards are mainly used with hook and loop tape for attaching notices.

    If you require an exhibition display board, printed graphics can be attached to the frame for a more customised display. They are also highly portable and lightweight for events: the tri-fold design simply packs away into the carry bag which is supplied which each product.

    What are the advantages of using a display board?

    Display boards are ideal for both informational displays and events such as trade shows. We offer a range of folding display boards that are lightweight and portable, with robust PVC hinging. 

    There are many advantages to using a portable display board including:

    • Cost effective

    • Lightweight

    • Easy to assemble

    • Durable for travel and re-use

    • Custom sizes available

    • Made in the UK

    • Fast Turnaround

    How much is a display board?

    Display boards are an extremely cost-effective display solution, with prices starting at just £75. The cost of your display largely depends on the size required, with a larger display area costing more.

    What size are display boards?

    Our presentation boards come in a range of sizes depending on the number of panels you require. In addition, we have fully customisable options, where you can create a custom display panel kit to suit your exact requirements.

    All folding display kits are supplied with carrying bags and header boards as standard.

    How can you attach notices to display boards?

    Display boards have a honeycomb construction and are not self-healing like some materials. Therefore, keep the use of pins to a minimum and use hook fastener-backed roll which can be purchased for the display.

    As a result, you'll extend the longevity of your display boards while still being able to change displays quickly and easily.

    We also supply pinnable boards manufactured from thicker panels for durability – please see our range of noticeboards for more information.

    Can you use display boards outside?

    We recommend you only use your display boards inside. In windy conditions, they're likely to fall over. And in wet weather, the board infill and surface fabric may become damaged and unusable. However, you can use our displays in a covered marquee at your own risk if the ground is unstable.

    What materials are display boards made of?

    Our display boards have a honeycomb core. This material gives the structure rigidity and durability so that you can use your boards regularly without damage. 

    The infill material is then wrapped in a fire-rated nylon felt. This material gives a premium feel to any marketing campaign and is available in various colours.

    Our boards are then finished with a PVC or aluminium trim for a professional finish.

    What is the turnaround time for a display board?

    These products are made in the UK, meaning we can offer an extremely quick turnaround on any orders. Our standard folding panel kits take between 5 -7 days to despatch, with express delivery panel kits available for next day delivery across mainland UK if ordered before 2pm.

    What types of display board are available?

    We offer an extensive range of display boards to serve a variety of indoor uses, such as for local councils, charities, churches, schools and businesses. These stands are available in a range of colours and are covered in loop nylon, meaning hook fastener-backed posters and graphics can easily be attached.

    Express Delivery Panel Kits are perfect if you are in a rush to get your display: order before 2pm to get next day delivery for UK-mainland addresses.

    Our PVC Frame Folding Panel Kits, also known as tri-fold display boards, come in a range of fabric colours, with jumbo, custom and wheeled versions available. They are covered in a hook fastener-friendly luxury loop nylon fabric.

    Our Modular Panel & Pole Systems are free-standing display boards, where the size and orientation of the display panels can easily be altered.

    Our selection of Office Dividers help to separate office and other public areas to create more personal workspaces. There are larger freestanding and smaller desktop version available.

    Our selection of Notice Boards include internal and external pin boards, whiteboards and glass boards ideal for office and education environments.

    What are the alternative to a display board?

    Alongside these portable exhibition boards, we also offer a number of other displays for a range of exhibition uses such as pop up banners and pop up stands. On top of this, we offer a selection of displays for retail premises such as clip frames and pavement signs.

    Want to know more about these products and find a solution to your needs? Contact us directly for expert advice.

    What are the ideal uses of a display board?

    Our portable display boards can help you display bulletins and notices in an effective manner, keeping visitors updated on any information you wish to supply. Ideal uses of display boards are:

    • Reception area

    • School

    • Museum

    • Church

    • Trade Show

    • Library

    • Office

    • University

    • Many, many more…

    Where are your display boards made?

    All our display boards are made in the UK meaning we have greater control over the manufacturing process and can ensure any faults are fixed quickly and easily.

    Any printed materials for display boards are printed in our facility in the North West of England.

    How do you assemble a display board?

    Display board assembly is very straightforward, with panels easily attaching to each other using a simple clip in mechanism. Assembly videos can be seen on the product pages to give you a better idea on how the finished product should look.

    Assembly instructions vary on the model and are included within the packaging of the display board purchase.

    Why choose Display Wizard for your display board?

    Display Wizard have been producing display stands for over 15 years and have built up an excellent reputation as one of the UK’s best display stand suppliers. Reasons to choose Display Wizard:

    • Products kept in-stock & in-house printing for quick UK despatch

    • Hardware Guarantees

    • Graphic Design Service on custom artwork