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Advertising Banners

Printed banners, whether PVC or fabric, are a cost-effective advertising tool for promoting awareness either hanging on railings, as a tablecloth or secured in a banner holder.

Bollard Wraps

From £19.00

Crowd Control Barrier Graphics

From £114.00

Custom Printed PVC Banners

From £24.00

Custom Printed Tablecloths

From £165.00

Fabric Banner Printing

From £35.00

Aura PVC Banner Holder - Including Graphic

From £225.00

Torrent PVC Banner Holder - Including Graphic

From £139.00

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Our printed banners are a cost-effective means of helping to publicise your business or organisation. With Display Wizard you are guaranteed to have the best display possible, as we only use the highest-quality print materials.

Our many years of experience in the industry means we can custom design a banner to suit your individual needs. A bespoke vinyl banner can make a real difference to how potential customers view your organisation.

A PVC banner is a useful display solution for an array of different promotional and informational tasks within a business or other organisation. They are one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing banner available.

All of our PVC banners are completely weatherproof and are printed using high-quality materials to make an eye-catching impact on passers-by.


  • Striking, bespoke design

  • Can be placed in prime locations, such as roadside

  • Made with heavy-duty materials

  • Affordable

  • Weatherproof

  • Custom-sizing available

Ideal Uses

  • School events

  • Charity events

  • Roadside advertising

  • Seasonal promotion

  • Shows, fetes and festivals

  • Political rallies

  • Many, many more

What Can Outdoor Banners Be Used For?

  • Advertising banners

Marketing banners are ideal for a range of advertising including a trade show, sports event, school fete, exhibition or as a permanent display to lure customers into your establishment. They are great for using at a one-off event or seasonal promotional such as for Christmas, Halloween or Summer sales.

  • Birthday Banners

Show that special someone just how much you care by designing them a one-of-a-kind banner for their birthday. Whether it is their 1st, 18th, 21st, or 50th birthday, create a printed banner for an indoor or outdoor party.

  • Anniversary/Wedding Banners

All banners can be personalised with your own custom text and they are ideal for special anniversary parties, or surprise retirement parties. If you know someone who has worked for the business for 10 years, or you are approaching your 25th wedding anniversary, celebrate the occasion in style.

  • Political Banners

These banners are ideal for making a big impact at a rally or election event. Whether it's for a local council or political party - a bespoke banner can help you influence people at events with a bold and striking political message.

  • Many, many more

The possibilities of bespoke banner printing ensures that Display Wizard can create a shop or outdoor banner to suit any requirements you may have. So whatever needs you may have, don't be afraid to suggest your design to our in-house graphic design team so we can provide the perfect personalised banner for you.

Types of Advertising Banner

The term ‘advertising banner’ is quite wide-ranging and covers a lot of different types of banner.

Our most popular type of advertising banner are PVC or Vinyl banners, which can be custom-printed to suit your needs. These banners can be finished with hem and eyelets to allow for fixings to railings or poles.

We also offer fabric banner printing. These lightweight custom-printed banners are eye-catching for indoor use.

Take a look at our printed exhibition tablecloths if you need a branding solution to go over a table.

Bollard wraps are a useful means of advertising over bollards, with a simple weatherproof design suitable for outdoor use all year round.

Crowd control barrier graphics are hanging banners for crowd control barriers – again giving extra visibility for your branding.

Alongside these custom-printed banners, we also offer a number of banner A-frames which are free-standing aluminium frames onto which a single or double-sided banner can be attached. We also offer a fabric A-frame banner alongside these aluminium A-frames which is a lightweight alternative to the traditional A-frame.


Looking for an outdoor flag to go with an outdoor banner? Our range of promotional flags can complete your outdoor marketing package. If you are looking for a presence on the high street, check out our A-frame pavement signs.

Don’t forget about your marketing inside! View our range of retractable banner stands for attractive solutions in your establishment.

If you are considering one of the products mentioned above but need more information, get in contact our friendly UK-based sales team today

Frequently asked questions

What are Advertising Banners?

Advertising banners are a printed display that displays information or advertising for an organisation.

There are quite a variety of products included in the advertising banner category including PVC banners, tablecloths, crowd control barrier wraps and bollard wraps.

How Much are Advertising Banners?

Advertising banners are one of the lowest cost forms of advertising around, providing 24 hour visibility for a fraction of the price of other large-format advertising.

Prices for a small PVC banner start at £24.50 and increase depending on the material and fixing type.

What Types of Fixing are Available for PVC Banners?

Our banners come with two main types of fixings, hem and eyelet and pole and pocket.

Hem and eyelet fixings are specifically designed for easy attachment to railings or walls. They provide a secure and reliable fastening solution.

Pole and pockets holes are perfect for accommodating 25mm diameter poles (please note that poles are not supplied). This fixing method is particularly suitable for hanging banners, creating a suspended display from the ceilings of exhibition halls.

These banners can also come with frames supplied for a freestanding display. See our branner A-frames for more information.

Can Advertising Banners be used in any weather?

Our PVC advertising banners are designed for prolonged use outdoors, whereas the fabric banners are more suitable for indoor use.

Please be aware that heavy winds, rain and snow can lead to increased wear and cause damage to the fastenings so you may want to remove these if high winds are expected.

What Design Artwork is Needed for Printed Banners?

To ensure your banner’s artwork looks its best, we provide two options for submitting your artwork. You can either use our downloadable templates from the information page or collaborate with our professional in-house graphic design team.

If you choose to use our design service, our team will work closely with you to create captivating artwork that aligns with your brand values.

If you prefer to create your own artwork, you will find the artwork templates on the individual product pages. For more information, please visit our supply artwork page for detailed instructions.

What Compliance Issues are there for Displaying Advertising Banners?

To ensure legal compliance when displaying an advertising banner you will need to adhere to the UK government regulations governing physical advertising. This applies to banners, flags, and other forms of advertising.

When placing a banner in a location that you do not own or rent, obtaining permission from the owner is necessary. For instance, if you intend to advertise on the fence of a field near your business, you must obtain permission from the field's owner.

You also have a responsibility to ensure that the advertising materials remain in good condition, ensuring they are clean, tidy, and safe – not obstructing any other signage. If utilising a banner, it should be securely attached to the wall or any other supporting structure. In the event that it becomes loose, immediate action should be taken to re-secure it.

If unsure of any restrictions for your planned advertising banner, contact your local authority for more information.

Why Choose Display Wizard for Your Printed Banners?

Display Wizard is a leading supplier of large-format print in the UK, boasting over 15 years’ of industry experience. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice and tips to help you maximise your display, from design considerations to after-sales support.

Our banners are printed and finished in the UK, guaranteeing a high-quality result with efficient production and delivery.

Other advantages of choosing Display Wizard include:

·         Competitive pricing options.

·         Cutting-edge print technology.

·         Usage of durable, high-quality materials.

·         Exceptional graphics that remain vibrant and appealing over time.

·         Supportive customer service.