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Link2 – The World’s First Seamless Linking Roller Banner

Introducing the Link2 Roller Banner, the world's first seamless linking banner display system. This revolutionary display allows for unlimited banners to be seamlessly joined together to form display stands of any size, ideal for promotional, professional and exhibition settings.

Gone are the days where you need to waste money on overly-complicated, time-consuming roller banners, which often failed to align correctly on a consistent basis.

Unlike its predecessors, the Link2 banner is a much lighter, stronger, and efficient trade show display, engineered to provide a near instantaneous exhibition stand with the minimum amount of fuss required.

All units come with a free padded carry case as standard, and optional extras are available. In addition, the Link2 is packed with a number of unique features, explained below, that are bound to make your exhibiting life easier and more rewarding.


Key Features of the Link2 Roller Banner


Customisation – The Link2 offers a far superior level of customisation compared to conventional banner stands, as not only can you join an unlimited number of banners together, but you can also dictate the shape the banners will be displayed.

This is thanks to the "Flexi-Link" connecting panel options which are made to be bent by hand, allowing you to render exhibition stands of various size and shape – making it truly unique to your company.



Easy change graphics – Traditionally, if you wanted to change your roller banner’s graphics, this would require the banner to be sent back to the supplier, or simply thrown away and a new one purchased.

This is where the Link2 offers real customer value, as the graphics can be changed multiple times due to the easy-change process this product offers.

So if you want to freshen up your promotional message throughout the year, you'll only need to purchase replacement graphics. Not only will this boost your success at your events, but it will also be far more cost-effective in the long run.

Patented Levelling System – Another problem-solving feature offered by the Link2 roller banner is it’s patented levelling system, which will ensure your graphics are neatly aligned on uneven surfaces.

This is possible as the graphics can slide from side-to-side despite being fixed into the base, with the excess graphic on one side simply retracting until the banners are aligned correctly.

This is certainly an issue that has plagued portable exhibition equipment in the past and led to many frustrated exhibitors.Unique Tension System - Another great feature offered by the Link2 is the unique tensioning system located on the side of each base unit.

To return your graphics to their original state, simply turn the mechanism until tight, ensuring the tension in maintained.

So no matter how much you use your Link2 display, you'll no longer need to bin your banner stand once it's lost its tension.

Lightweight & Incredibly Robust - Weighing in at just 6.1kg per banner, the Link2 certainly offers a light and portable display that anyone will be able to transport.

Despite being lightweight, this display is by no means weak thanks to its robust hardware, and heavy-duty 'deep crystal laminated graphics', which is essential for all year round usage.

The Link2 is the ideal display solution for exhibitors who attend multiple shows.

Assembly Instructions


The Link2 roller banner is effortlessly simple to assemble and breakdown, requiring no tools and taking only a matter of minutes.

Simply place the first section into the base and twist 90 degrees until it is locked into place. Following this, attach the other two sections and then pull the graphic up, which comes integrated into the base, and hook on to the ridge at the top of the pole.

To link multiple roller banners together, simply repeat the process and slot the bases into one another to form a solid foundation. The tops of the banners are then slotted together using the male and female connectors, and the banners can slide out of the base to combat uneven surfaces, ensuring tension is maintained.

This process can be repeated as many times as you wish, allowing you to create all manner of displays depending on the space available.

Then comes the smart bit. To make your Link2 roller banner display seamless, this involves attaching the magnetic bars at the rear of the display to join the graphics from top to bottom.

Once attached and aligned, this forms a unique and impactful exhibition stand, and it is virtually impossible to tell that the display is made up of multiple banners.

Finally, there's no need to worry about your Link2 banner losing its tension after heavy usage. This is thanks to the unique tensioning system on the side of each base. When you notice your display isn't looking as tight as it should, simply turn the mechanism in a clockwise motion until it can no longer be rotated. It really is that simple!


With the combined benefits of portability, ease of use and endless customisation opportunities, as well as being packed with a range of industry-first features, isn't it time you ditched your old display stand for the innovative Link2 Roller Banner?

If you'd like any more information on the Link2 roller banner, please contact Display Wizard today.

Thanks for reading!

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