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Inflate Your Business With The All New Inflatex Range

We are extremely excited to introduce our innovative new range of outdoor inflatable event structures, just in time for Spring.

'Inflatex' - Outdoor Inflatable Event Structures

If you've ever been to an outdoor event such as a trade show, country fair or festival, you're bound to have seen plenty of marquees on your travels. There's no doubt that a custom-printed marquee can be a great promotional tool if you promote your business outdoors, the only issue is that they look very similar to one another, and so capturing someone's attention in this myriad of marketing messages can be tricky.

Our recent research found that an eye-catching stand is the most successful method for attracting attendees. So bearing this in mind, it's kind of vital to position yourself under something that looks different to the norm when trading outdoors.

If only there was a display solution that could offer this level of uniqueness?

Thankfully we've got you covered with our new range of outdoor inflatable structures.

The ‘Inflatex’ range combines functionality with ingenuity to provide a stunning system that's perfect for visually communicating your message, whether that be at events or outside your premises.

There are two systems to choose from, both of which can be used with or without walls, which simply zip on or off as you wish. This gives you the choice of whether to make your structure more accessible to the masses, or more promotional depending on the situation.

These captivating inflatable exhibits come in a range of different sizes from 9m2 up to an enormous 47m2, and amazingly take less than 20 minutes to inflate - giving you more time to concentrate on what matters.

Despite their size, they also provide convenience for any exhibitor on the go, as they can fit in the boot of a car once stored in the transport bag provided. This level of portability is key if you attend multiple shows, or change locations frequently to target new audiences.

The Inflatex range are perfect for businesses, organisations, institutes, and charities who attend outdoor events such as trade shows, festivals, sporting events and job fairs. Alternatively, they can also be used as a branded workspace close to your premises – often used for fitting and repair services.

Inflatex Event Tents

The Inflatex Event Tents offer a range of lightweight, yet durable inflatable outdoor tents. Made from high-quality polyester fabric and available unbranded in a choice of 13 colours, or with custom-printed graphics for a fully-fledged promotional display.

Each comes with anchors and ropes for stability, a manual pump, and a transport bag as previously mentioned. There is also a range of accessories such as sand weights, an electric pump, replacement graphics and custom-printed seating options.

3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6m x 6m

Inflatex Event Igloos

The Inflatex Igloos provide even more impact for those looking to really increase their presence. These large-scale exhibits are ideal for attracting visitors from afar thanks to their unique design and eye-catching printed graphics, whilst the larger interior allows you to create a welcoming space for visitors.

The system takes just 10 minutes to inflate, thanks to the 230v air blower built into one of the legs - meaning you can set up your 'stall' at a moments notice with the minimal effort required. Although predominantly designed for outdoor use, the Igloo can also be used indoors at trade shows or in retail spaces.

The Inflatex Igloos truly are one of the best value inflatables on the market.

4 Leg - 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, 6m x 6m, 8m x 8m
5 or 6 Leg - 32m2 & 47m2If you have an outdoor event coming up in 2018, or you wish to boost your company's outdoor advertising presence, then please get in touch with us today to discuss how the Inflatex range could help maximise your exposure.

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