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Featured Display Solution: Centro Modular Exhibition System

If you’re ready to take your event marketing to the next level, then look no further than the Centro Modular Exhibition System.

This innovative kit provides all the benefits of a portable display, combined with the appearance of a custom-built stand. This makes Centro Modular kits the perfect choice for companies looking for a cost-effective display that delivers a big impact, time after time.

The Centro is a self-build modular display solution that offers the functionality to create ultra-professional exhibits from 3 to 15 metres wide - and beyond!

Furthermore, this system can also accommodate a vast range of accessories, such as TV's, promotional counters, iPads, and literature holders. So you can guarantee all bases are covered when it comes to the event.

It’s no surprise that modular systems are becoming increasingly popular in trade show halls, as exhibitors seek to offer something different to the norm. With the Centro Modular Exhibition System, you are guaranteed a long-lasting, versatile piece of display kit that is bound to engage even the regular attendees!

 Features and Benefits

1. Reconfigurable

The Centro system is possibly the most reconfigurable display stand on the market. This is thanks to the RotrLink ‘twist and lock’ technology which makes attaching new elements very simple. This is great if you are a growing business, as your stand can simultaneously grow to reflect this.



Therefore, by choosing Centro, you will save on your display stand costs in the long run. This is because you won’t need to purchase a new stand every time you exhibit, rather, you can just purchase additional panels or accessories to improve your presence.

In truth, it’s quite possible that you’ll never need another display stand again!

2. Reusable

As previously mentioned the centro kits are 100% reusable, with the contents of your stand stored in wheeled carry cases provided. This is ideal If you exhibit at a number of events, where versatility is a must from your stand.

Just as it is possible to add elements, it is also possible to remove them to suit differing space allocations.

The benefit of this, is you are not restricted to large space allocations, meaning you can exhibit for less and promote your business to more potential customers, at a wider range of events. It’s also good to have an eco-friendly display stand!

3. Unique Add-ons

One unique feature of the Centro range is the option to add slat walls to your exhibit. This provides the added functionality to display your product range alongside relevant marketing materials.

By having products to hand, not only can you provide demonstrations for your attendees, but this also enables you to generate revenue on the day of the event.

4. Easy-Change Graphics

One more great feature of the Centro range is that the graphic panels are attached via magnetic tape. This makes changing your graphics extremely quick and easy.

Again, this means you will save a significant amount in the long run, as the hardware can be retained. Furthermore, you can freshen up your branding whenever you wish, making this system ideal if you launch a lot of new products, or run various promotions throughout the year.

The benefit here is that your stand will never become stale in the eyes of attendees, and will ensure your message is always up to date and relevant.

 Product Information

Whilst the accolade for simplest build goes to the Link2, Centro Modular kits are far more robust than other modular systems on the market, and the functionality is also second to none.The Centro range are constructed from ‘8-way’ aluminium posts, which as the name would suggest, means your panels, or accessories, can be inserted in eight different directions.

These posts screw into aluminium stabilising foot plates, to form an extremely sturdy display stand.Centro’s RotrLink twist and lock technology makes linking the aluminium profiles simple, and ensures the stand maintains its strength and rigidity. Furthermore, this drastically reduces the assembly time, as most components are assembled without the need for tools.

In fact, the only tool you’ll need to erect your chosen kit is the Allen key provided. So you won’t need to hire a team of stand contractors to build it!Deep crystal laminated graphic panels are attached to the frames by magnetic tape provided, meaning these can be attached, changed, and removed with ease. Your graphics are printed on 450-micron media, which renders a rich, durable fascia.


Please watch this video to gain an insight into how the Centro system is assembled:


So if you’ve been searching for a self-build exhibition solution that will dramatically boost your event presence, without breaking the bank, the Centro Modular Exhibition kits could well be for you!

We have compiled 15 pre-made kits to cover all exhibiting possibilities. However, if you would like to make any alterations to these kits, or request your own bespoke Centro display stand please call 01995 606633 today.

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