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Boost Your Christmas Sales With Promotional Displays

Christmas time is a crucial trading period for many businesses, and can be the difference between profit and loss come the end of the financial year.

With this in mind, it's necessary that companies do everything in their power to boost Christmas sales.

Contrary to popular belief, In-store shopping is still thriving and continues to be the preferred shopping channel by some way.

This is especially true at Christmas, where patrons will often take to the high streets to experience some of the festivities.

Ultimately, this leads to a vast increase in footfall, which presents huge opportunities for businesses to maximise revenue.

Source: PWC's 'Total Retail Survey 2017' report

Thus, it’s vital that companies, both small and large, are leveraging these increased sales opportunities.

To achieve this they must create marketing messages that clearly communicate a valuable offering, in order to cut through all the noise.

This could be a new product, special offer or even simply a season's greeting.

Promotional displays are still an ever-present when it comes to offline advertising, and are the best way to communicate this value on a mass scale.

This is because they permit businesses to boost in-store sales, whilst also enabling them to attract people away from their premises, thus increasing their potential reach.

As a trusted provider of promotional displays, we wanted to give our take on the best displays to help boost your sales this Christmas.

Indoor Promotional Displays

Banner StandsBanner stands are perfect for communicating a message in a quick, concise manner.

This is vital at Christmas time, where people are faced with a barrage of marketing messages.

So no matter what message you are trying to portray, this display will ensure it gets noticed by potential customers walking around your store.

Banner stands are highly portable and simple to assemble and offer a great means of introducing your services in an easily digestible format.Queue BarriersAside from being a great way to control the crowds, queue barriers are also one of the best displays for encouraging up-sells within any store.

With a number of accessories available to showcase your merchandise, queue barriers permit you to 'smell what sells'.

This is because you can identify your best selling products quickly, and then showcase these to shoppers as they queue.Pop Up CountersPop up counters are a truly multi-purpose display, making them ideal for seasonal promotions where change is constant.

Not only can they be used as a focal point to meet and greet customers entering the store, but also as a POS stand, where products can be sold, demoed or given away as samples.

The great thing about pop up counters is not only their portability and ease of use, but also their flexibility to be reused with new graphics, as and when required.

Outdoor Promotional Displays

Poster Snap FramesPoster snap frames are perfect for enticing passersby with an offer or announcement.

Whilst they can be used indoors, they are especially effective when situated outside your store, or away from the premises.

For the creatives out there, incorporating QR codes or NFC tags on your posters will enable you to target customers on different mediums, as well as providing directions to your store.

Snap frames are simple to change, meaning you can reuse them time after time to generate sales for your business.Pavement SignsPavement signs have been a mainstay on Britain's high streets for many years, and they are unquestionably one of the most popular outdoor promotional displays.

Primarily used as a method of promoting a special offer to any pedestrians who walk by, more recently, pavement signs are also being used to humour onlookers with tongue in cheek statements and jokes.

This may appear to defeat the object of promoting your product/service, but by humanising your brand you may find it generates more intrigue.

This is an effective tactic being used in the hospitality sector right now.Promotional FlagsAlthough promotional flags are more suited to summer months, there are still some that are equally as useful in winter.

Take the Jetstream 360 Lantern for instance.

This offers a unique twist on conventional feather flags, not only because of its unique shape, but also because it features internal LED lighting.

This means it is visible at all times of day - which is essential for attracting those late night Christmas shoppers!

Using a novel display stand is much more likely to attract the attention of potential customers, so this is certainly worth bearing in mind when choosing your displays.


The changing retail landscape has meant that consumers are now doing their Christmas shopping much earlier, due to the rise in popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Therefore it’s a good idea to get your promotional displays as early as possible if you want to maximise your revenue during the festive period.

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