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    Featured Display Solution: Queue Barriers

    Tired of customers going to the wrong sales point? Need to cordon off a dangerous area on your site?

    Queue barriers are an essential method of managing a crowd inside or outside your establishment. They are suitable to keep order in a shop, restaurant or other retail area. Heavier-duty versions are suitable for outdoor applications such as building sites and for cordoning off dangerous sections of a building.

    There are also lighter models which can be transported easily to events that require crowd control such as award ceremonies, film premieres, music festivals, product launches or exhibitions and trade shows.

    Types of Queue Management System:

    Post and Rope Queue Systems

    These traditional queue management systems have a classic design which look great at events where a large number of visitors are expected. The design of post and rope barriers means that different configurations are available, making them ideal for a number of different applications.


    Café Barriers

    Café barriers are an ideal way to separate dining sections of your establishment, or can be used for a branded display area on a terraced outdoor area. They have the advantage of featuring a custom-printed banner which looks highly professional and can help you spread your marketing message to passers-by.

    Retractable Belt Barriers

    Retractable barriers are a great solution for businesses or organisations that need adaptable barriers to suit different purposes. These queue separators are also available with messages on the belt such as ‘No Entry; ‘No Parking’; ‘Caution – Wet Floor’, whilst custom text can be added for larger orders.

    Display Wizard’s Queue Management Systems

    Display Wizard have recently launched a brand new range of pedestrian barrier systems which have enabled us to offer a larger range of queuing functions.

    Systems such as the QueueMaster Value Retractable Barrier, the WallMaster Wall Mounted Retracting Barrier and the RopeMaster Post and Rope Barrier Kit are ideal queue solutions for managing customers inside or outside your premises.

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