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    Featured Display Solution: Pavement Signs

    Pavement signs are one of the most tried and trusted means of advertising outdoors. Simple and effective, a pavement sign is a great way to attract passers-by into your premises and promote offers or events to a wider audience.

    But what types of outdoor signage are available and how can they be used for your business or organisation?

    Types of Pavement Sign


    A Frame Signs

    These A-frame signs are the most common type of pavement sign. With a sturdy base and simple assembly, these signs are ideal for high-street use.

    Available with chalkboard panels, with changeable posters or as printed panels, these signs are a useful way for displaying changeable promotions such as special offers and seasonal discounts making them particularly relevant for cafés and restaurants.

    Swing Pavement Signs

    Swinger pavement signs feature a hanging panel which reduces wind-resistance as it swings in the breeze. With either fixed or wheeled bases, these signs look great outside a shop, café or restaurant.

    In terms of the promotional panel, this can be either printed directly onto the board for a static display or can feature changeable posters for updating your message more regularly.

    Forecourt Signs


    Forecourt signs are a heavy-duty option for a more regular roadside or forecourt display.

    Popular with petrol stations and garage forecourts, these signs can help you promote an in-store offer all-year-round.

    Display Wizard’s Outdoor Signage Options


    Display Wizard offer some excellent value pavement signs, and can also provide the printed panels or large-format posters for the individual sign.

    Our most popular sign is the Eco Swinger Pavement Sign which, despite its low-cost, is a durable printed panel sign. There is a number of different varieties of this model, with different widths and even a pavement sign that features a wheeled base for easy access in and out of your establishment.

    In terms of an A-frame sign, the A-Master A-Board is another reliable and affordable option for a pavement sign featuring changeable posters. We also offer chalkboard pavement signs which mean you can constantly update your written sales message on a daily basis.

    For forecourt signs, the most popular option is the Sightmaster 2 Forecourt Sign, a heavy-duty sign with a heavy-duty panel helping deflect wind in difficult weather conditions. Another option is the Sentinel Forecourt Sign – a stylish covered poster display that is ideal for supermarkets and petrol stations.

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