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Featured Display Solution: Exhibition Bundles

To achieve success at any event or exhibition, choosing the right display to promote your business is crucial, after all, it is this that will influence the all-important first impression for prospective leads.

However, with a multitude of different display options available, it can be difficult deciding which best suits your company’s needs. Therefore, below we have covered each type of display solution available, and the value each can bring to your business:

Types of Exhibition Display

Pop Up Display Stands

These pop up display stands are a fantastic display solution. With robust, fold out frames and magnetic strips to attach the graphics onto, assembly is quick and easy.

There is also an option to mount a TV stand onto the backwall using the mounting bracket – ideal for demoing your product or service. This type of display is one of the best ways to visually promote your business and attract a crowd for your sales team to nurture.

Floodlights can be added to both the AV and standard pop ups, to ensure maximum visibility wherever you stand is situated.

Banner stands

At the lower end of the price range is the simple, yet effective banner stand. Great for conveying your businesses main value proposition, these are ideal for exhibitors wanting minimum hassle and low costs.

These can be assembled in less than 60 seconds, meaning you’ll only have to worry about your sales pitch on the day of the event.

Display Boards

This old-school display solution has to be the freestanding folding panel kit, covered in hook fastener-friendly nylon fabric, these are ideal for attaching posters or other promotional material, and offer you the flexibility to change the display throughout the day once you scope out your audience.

Promo stands

Promotional stands are light and portable, and provide an ideal spot to greet visitors to your stand.

These are ideal for live demonstrations and sampling. Furthermore, the counter can be utilised as a space to display company literature and business cards.



IPad & Tablet stands

The latest innovation in the exhibition/event industry are these adjustable iPad/tablet display stands. The ideal solution for a company looking to create an interactive display or direct potential leads to your digital channels, right there at the event.

These can also be used as a source of information to combat ay difficult questions you may face, although you really should know all your answers already!

Literature stands

Literature stands are effortlessly simple to assemble, and are ideal if your business has a wide array of literature to offer.

This solution is vital to demonstrate knowledge of your industry and provide further information for potential leads to read after the event.


Our Exhibition Bundle Options

Here at Display Wizard, we realise that for many businesses the above solutions are not sufficient when used in isolation, so we have come up with some exhibitions bundles to cater to each of these different business needs.

These tried and tested combinations are guaranteed to create a lasting impression for your company, through eye-catching displays, informative literature and the ability to leverage your digital channels.

This will ensure you are in a much stronger position to generate quality leads, at a much quicker rate than through your other marketing efforts.

Banner stand exhibition bundle


Suitable for first time exhibitors, exhibitors on a budget, small business shows.

Display board exhibition bundle


Suitable for first time exhibitors, exhibitors doing multiple shows, small exhibitions, exhibitors on a budget.

Pop up display exhibition bundle


Suitable for first time exhibitors, exhibitors doing multiple shows, exhibitors travelling by car (the stand will easily fit into your boot).

Promotional display stand bundle


Suitable for exhibitors who want to showcase a product, shopping centres, food sampling.

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