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    Featured Display Solution: Display Boards

    Display boards are a common display solution used for presenting posters, notes or custom-printed graphics at different events.

    They are commonly used for displaying information in a public space, whilst they are also highly portable for transporting to events such as exhibitions and trade show.

    Display boards have a huge range of different applications but are often seen in: schools, churches, community centres, exhibitions (art & trade), shopping centres and much more.

    All display boards contain a loop nylon finish, meaning hook fastener-backed notices can be affixed to the board itself.

    Types of display board

    There are two main types of display board:

    Folding panel kits

    Folding Panel Kits can be used as either table top display boards or large, floor-standing display boards.

    These portable display boards fold into the dimensions of one panel, meaning they can be easily transported to different events.

    Panel & Pole Kits

    These free-standing display boards consist of a number of portrait or landscape panels attached onto poles.

    These pole and panel kits are highly modular as more panels can be added to create larger displays.

    "Display boards are a great investment as they are so versatile and can help everyone in your organisation stay up-to-date on the latest news."

    Matthew Oliver, Matthew Oliver Luxury Wedding Planner

    Modifications and Extras


    Printed Display Boards

    Display boards are available in a range of colours, but they can be even more eye-catching with printed graphics attached to the boards themselves. Whilst you may not want to brand your entire board, it could be a good idea to brand the header panel or central panels to enhance your brand awareness.

    As with many display and exhibition stands, the terminology can be confusing – don’t mix display boards with pop up stands or roller banners, which do not use any board, but rather are printed graphics attached to different frames.


    Display boards can be lit up with spotlights attached to the frame. This can be great for indicating a point of difference between you and the competition.


    Display Wizard offer a huge range of display presentation boards, so please get in touch if you require one for your business or organisation.

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