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    Swing Pavement Signs

    Featuring a swinging poster case or printed panel, these weatherproof pavement signs are a tried and trusted method for advertising to passers-by.

    Eco Swinger Panel Pavement Sign

    From £46.00

    Eco Swinger Poster Pavement Sign

    From £66.00

    Swinger 2 Panel Pavement Swing Sign

    From £60.00

    Swinger 2 Poster Pavement Sign

    From £71.00

    Swinger 3000 Panel Pavement Swing Sign

    From £117.00

    Swinger 3000 Poster Pavement Swing Sign

    From £133.00

    Swinger 4000 Panel Swing Sign

    From £130.00

    Swinger 4000 Poster Swing Sign

    From £145.00


    Buy Pavement Swinger Signs Online

    Swinger pavement signs, also known as swing pavement signs are excellent display stands for businesses and organisations looking to make a big impression outdoors.

    These signs have a swinging panel meaning they are highly wind-resistant for extended periods outdoors. Made from high-quality materials, these signs will last for long periods outdoors even in difficult weather conditions.

    There are a number of different types of swinging pavement sign available, with different varieties of printed panel and poster frames available.


    Our other outdoor displays

    We have a number of other outdoor displays available such as A-board pavement signs, promotional flags and advertising banners which can help you stand out. Looking for extra indoor exposure as well? We have a wide range of indoor display boards and brochure racks for display at exhibitions and trade shows.

    Not sure which swinging pavement sign is best for you? Please contact our team of UK-based display stand enthusiasts.