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New XL and Double-Sided Pop Up Displays

At Display Wizard we are always looking for improvements to our range of displays, and this month we have been adding to our range of pop ups.

Pop up exhibition stands are one of our best-selling display stands due to the fact they give an impressive backdrop and pack down easily into a wheeled carry case.

We have been listening to what our customers have been telling us about these displays, which has led to us to adding two new additions to our range: an even larger version, the XL Pop up Display and a new double sided version, EventPro Double-Sided Pop Ups.

3m High XL Pop Up Stands

For an additional presence at events, our new 3m high XL pop up display gives even greater graphic visibility. This 3m version towers over the standard pop up (2.225m high) which makes it suitable for events where you want to stand out from the competition.

These 3m high stands come with either a straight or curved frame in a variety of different widths determined by the number of quadrants in the frame (4 x 1, 4 x 2, 4 x 3, 4 x 4). Many people confuse the number of quadrants for metres, but each quadrant is smaller than this at 0.75m x 0.75m.

Please remember to check with the event organiser for any height restrictions and also be aware you will need a small step ladder to attach the graphics onto the stand. We also advise you give staff adequate training in ladder safety measures.

We also offer replacement pop up graphics for these 3m high pop up displays, which can be purchased when you need a fresh look for your displays. The frames themselves are extremely durable and come with a lifetime hardware guarantee.

EventPro Double-Sided Pop Up Stands

EventPro Double-Sided Pop Ups are another new addition to our pop up range and are the perfect display solution for any exhibitor with an open space that needs 360° graphic visibility.

Our conventional range of pop ups come with graphics on the front and sides of the display, but we do not include magnetic bars as standard to attach graphics to the rear of the display. For the double-sided pop ups we include the additional magnetic bars required as well as the printed graphics required.

Due to the shape of these displays, the graphic panels can vary in size. A curved double-sided pop up has a wider graphic area on the rear of the display meaning the graphic panel dimensions have to be altered accordingly. For straight double-sided pop ups the graphic sizes are the same on the front and rear.

These pop up displays come with a number of optional accessories including a Zeus Wheeled transport case for easy transportation to and from the venue, LED floodlights for illuminating your display and pop up internal shelving for displaying products inside the frame.

We also offer replacement pop up graphics specifically for double-sided pop ups.


Pop up displays will always be a staple of trade shows, as they combine affordability with impressive graphic visibility.

However, it’s clear that there is plenty of innovation to come in this area – with XL 3m High pop up displays and double-sided pop ups complementing other variants including fabric pop up stands and linked pop up systems.

If you have any questions about which pop up is right for you, please contact Display Wizard today.

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