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The Benefits of Hiring a Marquee

Anyone who has tried to organise a large event knows how challenging it is to find the right venue. You can spend hours contacting and visiting event spaces, without ever finding something that really suits.

Marquees are a great option, because instead of wasting time searching for a pre-existing event-space that fits with your needs, you can create one.

Marquee companies make it easy for you to customise and build a social space that is perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Whether it’s for a wedding, corporate-event, or private party, marquee hire can be the perfect option to fit your needs.


Whatever type of event you are holding, the size and design of the interior space is going to have an effect on the ambience. If the space is too large or isolates guests from each other across different rooms, it’s going to kill the atmosphere.

The best events are those which are small enough for users to mingle and interact with each other easily, but also big enough for them to have enough personal space to feel comfortable.

Marquees lend themselves to great events because they provide an open space whose size can be tailored for the number of guests. You are given more control over the social chemistry than typical bricks and mortar event spaces.

You can customise the size and design of the marquee to suit the dynamics you want. Plus, there are no walls to stop guests from interacting across the space.

Marquees offer a simple, clutter-free starting point onto which you can adapt whatever interior features you desire. If you want to create a cosy, inviting interior, opt for traditional wooden chairs and tables, and warm, yellow lighting.

If you want a more modern, minimalist look, choose squared-off furniture and whiter lighting, which enhances the clean white panels of the marquee.

Beautiful Settings

Marquees are suited to different kinds of conditions. In colder months, heaters can be installed to keep guests warm. In summer, the sides can be rolled up to let the sunshine and fresh air in.

Whenever your event takes place, natural light from the outdoors will flow into the marquee, bringing a healthy airy feel to the event. There really is no better backdrop for an event than the green grass or rolling hills of the great outdoors.

If you were holding your event indoors, you might find yourself in a space that lacks natural light because of small windows. On a sunny day, this might lead to guests feeling locked-in.

They would have no other option than to go outside and stand on the pavement or round the back of the building to get some fresh air. In this case, you might soon find yourself with unhappy guests, who would rather be somewhere else.

Opt for a marquee to ensure that guests can go out and get some fresh air, while remaining engaged with the event.

Privacy and Peace of Mind

Another great attribute of marquees is that they offer you a level of privacy which you simply can’t get with room-hires. Essentially, you have constructed a whole new building devoted to your event.

You can therefore have the peace of mind that you are going to be left alone. You don’t have to worry about disturbing others, or your event being disturbed by gate-crashers.

Marquee suppliers offer services which make it simple to be a host. Whatever you require, whether that is special furniture or lighting, music or specific décor features, just ask them. If they don’t do it themselves, they are likely to have a close, trusted contact who will.

When you hire a marquee, you are working with someone who has a trusted network of contacts who can provide effective services that you can rely on.

Display Wizard are a North West-based marquee hire supplier, with the capacity to supply a large range of events including weddings, corporate events, festivals and private parties. Get in touch using the form below for a quote for your event.

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