Airbar-Q Automated Queue System

Product Code: AQ

Airbar-Q Automated Queue System

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Pre-order product - orders will be despatched in February 2020

This is currently a pre-order product. Orders will be despatched in February 2021

The Airbar-Q System enables you to create fully automatic queues in retail and public environments, without the need for staff marshalling.

The system counts customers in and out of an area, allowing you to control the number of people within the premises. When the occupancy limit is reached, the barrier will extend to prevent further entry, until someone has exited.

If someone does try to enter when the barrier is closed, an alarm system will activate, alerting staff to the issue. The Airbar-Q System has a counterweight base for stability, and wheels that allow it to be easily moved to the required location.

The Airbar barrier is a flexible material, ensuring there is no risk of harm to customers, whilst creating a physical barrier that can be customised with your message or logo.

This product is also available to hire. Please contact us for details.

Custom Belt Printing Available
Weather Resistant
Product Code: AQ


The Airbar-Q System creates fully automatic queues where required, without the need for staff marshalling. It has a range of useful features including:

  • Counting customers in and out of the area
  • Barrier extends when occupancy limit has been reached, and will retract when someone exits
  • The Airbar barrier is made of a safe, flexible material that can be customised with your own message or logo.
  • Barrier alarm will go off if someone tried to enter when the barrier is extended
  • Counterweight base for stability
  • Wheels on the base allowing easy mobility

The system is battery operated and can last as long as 36 hours on a single charge. The unit can be charged from 0% - 100% within 4 hours. Units can be supplied with one or two batteries depending on usage.

The units are fully connected through a central occupancy monitoring system and the wireless range is up to 1km and up to 500 metres indoors.

This short video will take you through the features and show examples of the Airbar-Q Automated Queue System in use:

More Information
Weight (Kilograms) 18.00
Overall Height (Millimetres) 1099
Individual Post Weight (Kilograms) 18
Post Diameter (Millimetres) 240
Base Diameter (Millimetres) 360
Approx. Weight (Kilograms) -
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