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    Post & Rope Barriers

    These post and rope queue barriers are a high-quality solution for directing crowds inside or outside your establishment. Queue direction can be altered easily – simply unhook the rope and attach it to another post stanchion.

    Q-Rope & Post Barrier Kit

    From £103.00

    Q-Rope Stanchion


    Q-Rope - 1.5m Cords

    From £11.00

    2 Posts / 1 Rope Kit

    From £114.00

    5 Posts / 4 Ropes Kit

    From £293.00

    10 Posts / 9 Ropes Kit

    From £570.00

    RopeMaster Post & Rope Stanchion

    From £49.00

    RopeMaster Rope

    From £16.00


    Buy Post & Rope Queue Stanchions Online

    Post and rope queue management systems are classic queue barriers seen everywhere from restaurants to reception areas.

    These pole and rope systems have been designed to enable orderly queuing at events and venues, whilst giving off a professional feel for visitors to your establishment.

    These barriers are very easy to assemble with a simple hook fastening attaching the rope to the stanchion. This system can also be modified to create different configurations for various events.

    There are even options to attach these stylish queue barriers to the wall if required!


    Fast UK Delivery by Courier

    Buy online with confidence, with fast UK shipping and international delivery available on queue rope barriers.

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