Going green is something every business has to take seriously in today's world. The benefits of becoming more eco-friendly not only include helping the environment, but also increased brand loyalty and awareness.

It's becoming more and more common to go green at your workplace, but how about at your trade show? If you want to achieve an eco-friendly trade show, we've put together seven top tips to help you get started!

1. If It's a One-Time Event, Rent!

If your trade show is a one-off event, then it makes far more sense, both economically and financially, to hire an exhibition stand.

This will not only be re-usable, but it'll save you a significant amount on purchasing costs. The structure of the stand can be re-used by the stand contractor meaning there is far less wastage than with printed display stands.

Remember that if you do exhibit at multiple events, rental exhibition stands can be easily reconfigured and re-skinned to reflect your new message or brand, reducing any unnecessary waste.

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2. Switch to Digital

Traditionally, an exhibitor would come to a show armed with leaflets, printouts, brochures, and catalogues to distribute to potential customers.

This places a large reliance on paper, which doesn't help the environment. These days, those visiting a trade show expect a more sophisticated experience, and that means a move from paper products to eco-friendly digital technology is now becoming the norm at events.

People also prefer to have less clutter, so the digital world appeals in this way too. You can now make use of tablets, USBs or QR code scanning to provide company or product information.

Consider texting or emailing details to visitors, and capture their contact details via technology such as trade show lead capture apps for an all-round green approach!

3. Lighting Options

Lighting can help enhance an exhibition stand, but it may also eat up precious energy resources. So, if you choose to bring lighting into your stand, you should opt for LED options as these are much more energy efficient.

They contain no toxic elements and are up to 80% more efficient than traditional forms of lighting. Another alternative is the use of light-dispersing fabrics, which look great on a stand.

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4. Choice of Materials

When it comes to deciding upon the design of your exhibition stand, you have a wide choice of materials at your disposal. By selecting materials that have been recycled, or are environmentally friendly, you can stamp your green credentials on your stand.

You should discuss with your exhibition stand contractor about their approach and find out what their values are when it comes to sourcing and disposing of any materials that have been used for an exhibition stand.

You will win the ultimate green seal of approval if you showcase just how eco-friendly your company is on your stand.

5. Choose Modular Exhibition Stands

Many exhibition stands are used just once and then simply disposed of. With advances in stand design technology, however, you can now take a much more eco-friendly approach.

Modular stand designs make it possible for an exhibition stand to be custom-built and used for one show, and then re-used, adjusted or fitted a completely different way, to use at other shows in the future.

This green design means less waste, without compromising on the unique approach of each event or the visuals.

If you design a stand with future use in mind, it will ensure long-lasting appeal without as many harmful effects to the environment.

Modular stand in situ

6. Transportation Concerns

It’s not just your exhibition stand and how you present your information that contributes to your eco-friendly attributes.

You should think outside the box and try to reduce transportation costs and fuel costs when travelling to and from events with your kit. A bulky stand requires more space for transportation, which can increase fuel costs.

Why not consider a flat-packed modular design, which requires less storage room and delivery space since it's much more compact?

7. Eco-Friendly Giveaways

Trade show giveaways are a brilliant way to both draw in visitors to your stand and then make a lasting impression so they remember your brand after the show.

Many exhibitors choose to go down the route of branded promotional products with items such as notepads, pens, and keyrings.

However, why not take opt to go green with your giveaways? Instead of using mass-produced plastic items, you could offer an online discount code for your shop or recycled products.

For traditional giveaways, many businesses now offer sustainable bamboo ranges.

While they are more costly, they will showcase your brand and businesses values when it comes to being eco-friendly.

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