The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the health and livelihoods of people in the UK, but a number of new vaccines are offering hope that things can return to normal.

Display Wizard primarily supply the events industry, which has been largely suspended during the pandemic. This has meant we have had to adapt to the challenging landscape brought on by Covid-19.

We have done this by becoming suppliers of vital Covid-19 social distancing signs and equipment, which has helped businesses adapt to the new guidelines imposed by the government.

Our latest adaptation is utilising our expertise as shell scheme contractors for large-scale events to provide a vaccination pod hire service for the NHS.

Vaccination pod for nhs

An End to the Pandemic in Sight?

The recent announcements of Covid-19 vaccines being made available has been a game changer, with many people looking forward to a return to normality after mass vaccination.

In order to vaccinate the UK’s population, the NHS is looking to open several vaccination centres across the country,

Many of these vaccination centres are expected to be in the UK’s many exhibition centres, large-scale venues which are currently not-in-use due to the suspension of trade events.

Vaccination Pods to Hire

In order to facilitate the mass vaccination required, Display Wizard are supplying a vaccination pod hire service for the NHS via local authorities.

Using our expertise and existing pole and panel kits for hire, we plan to work with local authorities to hire out these vaccination pods for the NHS.

If you require a vaccination booth, please visit our vaccination pod hire page or contact us for more information.