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    Our selection of durable and cost-effective whiteboards includes magnetic whiteboards, mobile whiteboards, eco-friendly whiteboards and projection whiteboards, and are particularly well-suited for the educational sector.

    Adept Drywipe Whiteboard

    From £33.00

    Adept Magnetic Whiteboard

    From £19.30

    Adept Colour Edge Whiteboard

    From £30.00

    Adept Deluxe Whiteboard

    From £58.00

    Adept Deluxe Magnetic Whiteboard

    From £58.00

    Adept Mobile Whiteboard

    From £82.00

    Adept Eco-Friendly Whiteboard

    From £26.00

    Lightning Framed Chalkboard

    From £22.25

    Tabletop Easel

    From £16.50

    Key Lock Magnetic Noticeboard

    From £89.80


    Buy Glass Whiteboards Online

    They are available with both magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces, in an extensive array of sizes to suit almost any need.

    These easy-to-use and affordable displays are available from small to large sizes and are well-suited for the educational sector such as for school classrooms as well as for lecture halls at universities and colleges. They are also good for sales boards for offices and bulletin boards for communal spaces in businesses

    For a more colourful and unique writing surface we also have a range of glass writing boards.

    We have a selection of magnetic, framed and colour-edged whiteboards meaning we can cater for many different needs. These high-quality whiteboards have been designed to last for long periods with regular use inside classrooms and offices.


    Fast UK Delivery by Courier

    Buy online with confidence, with fast UK shipping and international delivery available.

    Looking for a different type of noticeboard? If so, check out our pin boards which allow for a stylish and modern twist to the traditional notice board.

    We also offer a huge selection of display stands for educational use, such as flip charts and external noticeboards.

    For any additional questions around whiteboards or our other display solutions, feel free to contact the Display Wizard team.