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Creative Exhibition Stand Ideas to ‘Wow’ Attendees

A custom-made exhibition stand is a fantastic way to place your brand at the cutting-edge at important events such as industry trade shows.

In fact, 48% of exhibitors stated that an eye-catching exhibition stand is the most effective method for attracting attendees. But, what are the latest design trends for exhibition stands and how can you stand out from the crowd?

Take a look at the key trends in stand design below that can help you stay ahead of the competition this year.


Sustainability is Key

Trade shows and exhibitions can have a negative environmental impact if the exhibition stand and graphics are discarded after a single event.

However, there's a growing awareness among exhibition stand providers about this issue. Consequently, many are now offering modern exhibition systems such as aluminium-framed exhibition stands made of recyclable materials that also have a re-usable frame and graphics for various events.

Ensuring that the materials for your exhibition stand are recyclable is crucial for environmental protection and also help maintain your business’s commitment to sustainability.

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Minimalist Design: Less is More

Space in most exhibition halls is at a premium, so it’s important to make the most of the area you are allocated.

In the past, many stand contractors would try to construct as complex a structure as possible in the space provided, which can often lead to limiting the amount of interactive floorspace for engaging with visitors.

In recent years however the key trend in exhibition stand design is focusing on a minimalist design which opens up the floor space for interacting with visitors whilst still looking visually appealing.

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Lightbox Frames: Illuminate from Within

Events such as trade shows give exhibitors an opportunity to position themselves at the front of the technological arms race, with brands that exhibit at live events being perceived as 28% more innovative than those that don't.

Rather than lighting your stand with external lights hung from the stand or rigging, it looks even more impressive when a stand is lit internally using LED-backlit lightbox frames.

Alternatively, you can integrate AV displays into your stand, showing promotional videos or other interactive media such as touchscreen displays to increase engagement.

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Hanging 3D Structures: Catch the eye up-high

Whilst you pay a premium for the floor space at any exhibition, many exhibitors forget they can also use the ceiling space above their exhibit.

The best way to attract attention using these is with a fabric 3D hanging structure giving you 360 degree exposure across the venue. Similarly to the lightbox frames,  these can be backlit for an even bigger presence.

63% of exhibitors named the high price of exhibiting as their number one cause for concern for trade shows, so maximising your brand visibility in that space is extremely important.

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Custom Booths: Create a Personal & Engaging Space

Trade shows can feel quite hectic for attendees as they’ll be bombarded with info and sales pitches during their visit. A loud, busy exhibition hall often doesn’t make for the best atmosphere for having a quality one-to-one between exhibitor and attendee.

In order to combat this, ask your stand contractor to create a personal booth area with comfy chairs and good acoustics that can be used to qualify attendees and make your brand more personable.

Due to the space limitations at events, consider integrating an Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) experience onto your stand design itself. These allow you to showcase your products or services in extremely engaging ways using only a VR headset or with the visitor’s phone.

AR and VR are truly immersive, helping to give your stand the ‘wow’ factor and inform on key product details at the same time.


Think Outside the Box with your Stand Design to Attract Visitors

There have been a number of exciting developments in custom-built exhibition stands over the last few years, meaning there are infinite possibilities for innovative stand designs that don’t have to break the bank.

Display Wizard create stunning custom exhibition stands for clients across the UK and Europe utilising the latest design trends.

If you are looking to hire a cutting-edge exhibition stand with any of the features mentioned above, get in touch with Display Wizard.

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