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Display Wizard Invest in New Printer

With 2018 being an amazing year for growth here at Display Wizard, we recently made an exciting investment into a brand-new printer to handle the increasing demand.

After a lot of discussion, print samples and testing, we decided on a Jetrix LED-UV Printer, and a week after installation it’s clear we made the right choice!


The initial installation of the printer was a challenge, as it’s not a small piece of equipment, so wasn’t going to fit through any doors - in the end, we temporarily removed the windows at the front of our building to get it to fit in through there!On delivery day there was a lot of excitement as the lorry pulled up, and the Jetrix was very carefully unloaded. After some very expert manoeuvring, the printer was all set up in its new home, ready to go.

Printer Training

Our very capable production team were given two full days training, so now they are all experts in how to get the very best out of our new printer. Their training included:

  • Operating instructions – How to run through the whole print process start to finish, making sure the quality is perfect at every step of the way, and changing media so we can print on a range of materials including Polyester, PVC and Mesh.

  • Maintenance routines – This ensures that our printer will always be functioning at 100%, and helps any avoidable issues arising when printing.

  • Troubleshooting – If any errors do occur, they can be quickly fixed so we can get up and running again.

Brilliant video from our Production Manager while learning how to clear the print heads

Printer Benefits

The Jetrix LED-UV Printer offers many benefits for us, and therefore our customers!

It has a 3.2m edge to edge printing size, meaning we can handle large print sizes, and also the ability to dual print, so we can print up to three smaller sizes side by side, reducing our production time drastically.

The printing process results in excellent ink adhesion and consistency, so delivers fantastic prints every time. These prints have a good scratch resistant surface, giving some protection to all our printed products from general wear and tear damage.

The final printed product has bright vibrant colours, including ultra-high white opacity, which can sometimes be an issue with other printers.Now we have our Printer up and running, we are already printing the majority of our Roller Banners and Pop Up Stands through it. The quality and consistency has been perfect, and everyone is impressed with the results!

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