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Don’t Leave Christmas Marketing Until The Last Minute!

If you haven’t thought about your Christmas marketing yet it’s time to start – your Christmas campaigns will run smoothly and effortlessly if you plan them in plenty of time.

Below we will run through some simple things for you to consider to create your seasonal marketing plan.

1. What you want to promote

You know your customers and business the best, so what products or services do you have that appeals to your customers around Christmas? Alternatively, can you offer something different to usual that will attract these customers around Christmas time?

If you have sales data from previous years it is worth looking over to see what sold well and what didn’t, to help you decide what to push in your marketing efforts.

2. Create your marketing offer

Once you have decided what you want to focus on promoting over the season, you need to decide how you want to advertise it. Possible options include:

  • Creating special offers on products/services

  • Offering a free ‘gift’ with purchases

  • Creating an awareness campaign around your brand and offerings

3. Order your promotional materials in time

Now you know how and what you are promoting, make sure you order all the promotional items you want in time.

Printed promotional materials such as banner stands, pop up stands, café barriers, retractable belt queue barriers and fabric display stands can take time to design and print, so you don’t want to leave it to the last minute.

4. Run your campaign

Once you have everything you need for your campaign you can start to promote it. Make sure any printed media you have is placed in a location that will get the most exposure for you.

In addition to any printed media, don’t forget to use social media and any other networks you have available to you to push your marketing campaign.

5. Monitor your campaign

Once your campaign is running, it is important to monitor the results, so you can see how it is working. This will help with planning future campaigns, so you can pinpoint with more accuracy what worked well and what didn’t.If you require printed media for your Christmas campaign, look no further than Display Wizard!

We have been supplying large-format print services for over ten years – from low-cost roller banners to high-end exhibition stands, we are sure to have something to meet your seasonal needs!

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