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25 Potential Uses For The Humble Roller Banner

If you’ve ever attended a trade show or conference, you’re bound to have seen a roller banner or two during your visit. Although they are predominantly known as an exhibition stand, there’s also a wide number of other potential uses for roller banners.

We’ve come up with 25 to be exact, but the possibilities for these promotional maestros are almost endless.

Essentially if you are looking to convey a message to an audience in a concise manner, then you could find uses for a roller banner.

25 Potential Uses for Roller Banners

1. Bars, Restaurants & Cafes

Roller banners can be used to showcase your menu, tasty offers, as well as any new additions your customers should try.

2. Nightclubs

Nightclubs often use banner stands in the foyer area to promote future events, or alternatively, as a backdrop for club photos.

3. Universities / Graduation Ceremonies

Roller banners can be used to announce forthcoming events at the university, declare important information that students, staff or visitors may need to know, or simply provide directions around the campus.

4. Museums

Educate visitors on the history of each artefact, as well as detailing any open days or special events on the horizon.

5. Hotels

Hotels can use roller banners to promote additional services, such as spa treatments, restaurant offers and transport services. Furthermore, they can provide information for guests such as meal times and hotel rules.

Lastly, they can also be used to let customers know of any current offers or loyalty promotions in order to encourage repeat custom.

6. Hospitals

Roller banners are often used in hospitals to inform people of the treatments available for illnesses ranging in severity.

They are also great for declaring important information and raising awareness for charities and general health issues.

7. Dentists

Dentists can use roller banners to introduce new treatments on offer and raise awareness of the issues affecting dental health. They can also be used to detail general information about the surgery.

8. Schools

Roller banners are great at school open days to showcase numerous subjects and details of the syllabus.

For a more creative idea, they can also be used as a teaching aid if they contain visual information e.g. Human anatomy.

9. Car Dealerships

Banner stands are great for advertising new makes and models, as well as any innovative features.

What's more, they can also be used to promote additional services such as payment plans, and after-sales products like breakdown cover.

10. Shopping Centres

Roller banners are often used by retailers to gain exposure away from the store itself, in an attempt to increase footfall.

11. Beauty Salons & Spas

Display available treatments and their associated costs or promote special offers to encourage referrals and repeat custom. Roller banners are often used in these establishments to encourage up-sells.

12. Charity Fundraising Events

Charities can use roller banners to raise awareness for the cause in order to encourage support and donations.

In addition, they can be used to make people aware of any upcoming events e.g. coffee mornings.

13. Conventions

Although conventions are similar to trade shows, roller banners are normally used to detail the schedule for the event and for announcing exclusive promotions for attendees.

14. Offices

Banner stands are great for adding a professional look to your office(s) for any visitors, along with promoting your services.

15. Service Stations

Roller banners can be used here to promote offers from the stores within the service station.

16. Supermarkets

Supermarkets use roller banners to promote new products, offers and discounts, as well as informing customers of any important store changes.

17. Doctors, Chemists & Pharmacies

Provide relevant information for patients, such as booking appointments online, or provide advice on issues like flu, obesity and smoking.

18. Theatres

Banner stands are often seen in the foyer area of theatres to promote forthcoming shows, provide ticketing information or promote special offers.

19. Market Stalls

Market traders can use roller banners to promote special offers. For those running a food stall, they can be used to showcase your menu to passers-by.

20. Activity Groups

Ideal for letting group members know of any upcoming events, as well as providing general information to help promote the group and gain new members.

21. Gyms

Roller banners are commonly used by gyms to detail the membership plans, personal training sessions and exercise classes they offer.

They can also be used to promote special offers for new and existing customers.

22. Music Gigs

Banner stands are often used by lesser-known bands to help get their name across to the audience. More commonly they are used as a means of announcing upcoming tour dates.

23. Photographers

Photographers can use roller banners to promote their services at each event they attend. Alternatively, if they have a shop front, they could use roller banners as a window display to showcase their work.

24. Safety Notices

Although roller banners are highly portable, they can be used as a deterrent to stop members of the public entering potentially dangerous areas.

25. Weddings

Lastly, roller banners can be used for weddings to let guests know the schedule for the day, or for a slightly different wedding photo, they can also be used to create a novelty backdrop.If any of these 25 roller banner ideas have got you thinking about applications in your own line of work, check out our range of pop up banners or contact our team to find out how we can help.

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