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Bespoke vs Modular vs Off-the-Shelf: Different Exhibition Stands Explained

When it comes to planning your exhibition stand for your next event, you’re going to find yourself with a huge number of options, but which exhibition stand is best for you?

These options fall into three basic categories of exhibition stand:

  • Bespoke

  • Modular

  • Off-the-shelf.

Some offer more flexibility and individuality than others, whilst others are easier to transport and set up yourself. It’s important to understand the different types of stands on offer because your choice will affect the overall look and feel of your stand on the day.

You’ll also need to consider your budget and how to get the best value for your outlay.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

A specialist contractor will design and build a bespoke exhibition stand to your specific requirements.

This is the custom approach to event marketing, where your stand becomes a complete extension of your brand.

Conceived and built using a panel system that can be configured in a huge array of designs, the bespoke exhibition stand gives you the freedom to apply your branding and messaging in ways that will differentiate your exhibition space.

Along with extensive branding options, you can also select your flooring and lighting from a range of options and add other accessories to make your presence that much more impactful.This is perfect for strategising your exhibition stand, designing it from the bottom up and incorporating all the essential elements. These can include screens, USB media players, lighting and cabling, structural elements and furniture.

With a bespoke exhibition stand, you can make the most of your creative freedom to imagine something unique to your brand, serving your business objectives.

As the stand is built for you, you also have the benefit of being able to relax before and after the show, focusing on your main objective – gaining more trade show leads!

Exhibition Stand Design & Hire

Modular Exhibition Stands

A modular exhibition system is a cost-effective alternative to the bespoke stand. As the name suggests, this type of stand is easy to assemble and add to.

Unlike a bespoke stand, here you build your own stand using a modular kit of components. Popular examples include:

Providing you’ve got a clear picture in your head of how you wish to apply your brand and exhibition materials, the modular solution can work well.

Usually based on a series of connectable displays, this type of exhibition stand design is lightweight but practical and sturdy. The modular nature of the design means you have various options for putting together your finished stand.

This solution is a sort of halfway house between having a fully customised stand and using off-the-shelf products.

You end up with an attractive space that allows you plenty of scope for displaying your chosen exhibition materials, attracting traffic and engaging with visitors.

Modular stand in situ

Off-the-Shelf Exhibition Stands

Whether it’s down to time, convenience or budget, you can still maximise your exhibition presence using off-the-shelf stands.

These include:

Portable banner stands come in various sizes and storage formats. They roll up easily, for convenience, and there are double-sided options too.

Pop-up stands are displays that form backdrops to exhibition stands, on which you can print branded messages and graphics. These come as flat or curved displays that will stand up on their own. There are also lightweight fabric options.

With off-the-shelf exhibition materials, you can create a branded exhibition space by combining different types of pop-up and portable products. You might, for instance, opt for a curved backdrop plus a pop-up counter or literature stand where you can meet and greet visitors to your stand.

These displays have the advantage of being portable, very easy to set up and use again and again for multiple events.

off-the-shelf exhibition stands

Maximise Your Message and Your Budget

With a range of bespoke, modular and off-the-shelf options to choose from, you can create an exhibition stand that meets your needs and fulfils your event marketing objectives.

One option is to go bespoke and create an immersive, fully branded experience for your visitors although this is also the most expensive option.

But even if you don’t go down this route, there are plenty of alternatives that will allow you to be on-brand while engaging your stand visitors.

And, depending on the nature of your enterprise or organisation, sometimes a modular or off-the-shelf option will better suit your image and goals.

Contact us for more details. We specialise in bespoke exhibition displays, modular stands and portable off-the-shelf display stands so are happy to help you with your exhibition plans.

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