Social Distancing Signs, Screens & Displays

At Display Wizard we have a range of social distancing signs & safety products ideal for displaying information and helping reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Whether you need to display safety information on your premises or put in place measures to help with social distancing, we have selected a range of products to help with effective social distancing and safety during the pandemic. Please contact us with any specific requirements.

More Info on Social Distancing Displays & Hygiene Products

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK. The government has imposed a nationwide lockdown involving strict social distancing measures.

As the UK recovers from the pandemic and people return to work, it’s important that organisations implement strict safety measures for both employees and members of the public.

Whether it's a school or office reopening or a retail store implementing new distancing and hygiene measures, a social distancing display can help you create a safer environment.

These measures may include adhering to the 1m gap between visitors; providing a hand-washing station; utilising protective screen equipment at desks; implementing a strict queuing system amongst others.

Improve Staff and Customer Safety on your Premises

The list of organisations that would benefit from these types of displays is very large, with many requiring specific solutions for their needs. The list includes:

  • Retail Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants & Takeaways
  • Pharmacies and Hospitals
  • Nurseries, Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Office-Based Businesses
  • Site Safety for Construction & Manufacturing

Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 With a Social Distancing Display

Our selection of social distancing displays has been designed to help you and your organisation display unique custom-printed messages if required.

You can supply your own artwork to display a safety or informational message on your social distancing sign, or our graphic design team can assist you with the design.

Advantages of Social Distancing Signage

  • Keep visitors informed of latest safety measures
  • Wipeable Surfaces for Added Hygiene
  • Reduce the transmission of Covid-19
  • Ensure a Safe Working Environment
  • Prevent Staff Absences
  • Custom Printed with your Safety Message if Required
  • Delivered Quickly Throughout the UK
  • Reputable UK Supplier

Ideal Uses of Social Distancing Products

  • Queue Management in retail and medical buildings
  • Protective Office Screens to keep Staff Healthy
  • Display Important Safety & Medical Information
  • Inform Customers of Closure/Re-Opening
  • Ensure 2m gap with floor stickers
  • Keep pupils and staff safe in schools, colleges and other educational institutions
  • Keep serving staff safe in retail environments
  • Ensure the safe return to work of employees with office screens

Social Distancing Signage by Sector

Improve your Workplace Safety Measures

We hope this collection can help your organisation manage the effects of Covid-19 effectively.

We understand these are unprecedented times and you may require custom solutions – please contact us with any specific coronavirus sign or display requirements.