Hand Sanitiser Dispensers & Stations

Our freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers and stations are designed to help protect members of the public and employees, helping reduce the spread of viral infections such as Covid-19.

Most of our hand sanitiser stations come with either a foot pedal operation or an automatic dispenser, meaning they are hands-free for the best possible safety.

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Buy Hand Sanitiser Dispensers Online

As the country reopens its doors, extra safety measures need to be implemented on premises to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.

Washing hands has been found to be one of the most effective means of controlling the coronavirus pandemic and viruses in general. During a pandemic, people need to be extra careful as dangerous viruses such as Covid-19 can live on surfaces for days at a time – by regularly washing our hands we can reduce the personal risk of transmission and to the wider community.

When outside the home people do not always have easy access to hand washing facilities, meaning freestanding hand washing stations are becoming more and more important for increasing the confidence of the public.

Whether it’s a shop looking to welcome back customers or a school reopening, safety is always paramount. They are ideal situated at the entrance to your premises, with a reminder for visitors to clean their hands during their visit.

The hand sanitiser is dispensed either automatically or via a foot-pedal reducing the risk of cross-contamination between customers.

Branded Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

These hand sanitiser stands come with either stock messages with instructions on washing hands or can be custom-printed with your branding and specific message.

Our graphic design team can work with you to help create a hands-free sanitising station that reflects your branding. With UK-based printing facilities and a quick turnaround on all orders, you can guarantee quality on every order.



  • Prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • Improve hygiene on premises
  • Reduce business liability
  • Attract customers
  • Custom-branded if required
  • Sturdy & Lightweight
  • Freestanding


Ideal Uses

  • Store entrance
  • School, college or other educational facility
  • Office use
  • Events – sporting, cultural etc.
  • Hotels and other accommodation
  • Reception areas in public buildings
  • Sporting facilities such as gyms.


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If you would like a custom hand sanitiser dispenser for your business or have any questions, please get in touch with us today