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PIXLIP GO Illuminated System

Illuminate your brand with the PIXLIP GO - a straightforward yet highly effective LED exhibition light box that demands attention wherever it is displayed!

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 2A

From £1,680.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 2B

From £2,445.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 2C

From £3,210.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 2D

From £3,285.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 2E

From £4,890.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 3A

From £2,520.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 3B

From £3,285.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 3C

From £4,050.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 3D

From £4,125.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 3E

From £5,730.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 3F

From £4,965.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 3G

From £7,410.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 4A

From £3,360.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 4B

From £4,125.00

PIXLIP GO Exhibition Kit 4C

From £4,890.00

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The illuminated PIXLIP GO is a backlit display system to help elevate your trade show advertising. This backlit display system combines an eye-catching stand, simple assembly and pre-designed kits to make your exhibition stand shine.

The integrated lighting provided by optimised LED modules ensures even illumination across your display. The benefit of an illuminated exhibition stand is that it is eye-catching for passers-by and easily visible from afar.

This backlit display is ideal for use at a range of functions including exhibitions, trade shows, offices, live events, conferences, retail areas, shop displays and even public spaces.

Customisable light-up exhibition stand

We have a range of sizes and configurations to suit any exhibition space including the popular square, U-shaped and L-shaped displays. Whatever your needs, this backlit display will be able to fit your requirements. All LED display systems are available with or without an accompanying counter.

The PIXLIP GO is a modular system is lightweight compared to other systems, simple to assemble and take apart, and will fit into a decent-sized car boot to transport. All PIXLIP GO components are compatible with each other, and so the sets are easy to modify or extend at any time. The print is easily attached to the unit, simply pressing into the groove on the frame.


  • Modular display system

  • Illuminated LED Display

  • Can be combined for larger exhibits

  • Easy to assemble

  • Fits in the boot of a car

  • Eye-catching design

Ideal uses

  • Exhibitions

  • Trade Shows

  • Shopping centres

  • Marketing roadshows

  • Product launches

  • Many, many more

Looking for something else?

As well as the PIXLIP GO illuminated exhibition system, we have a number of different modular exhibition systems including the linked pop up system, Centro display system and Twist banner system. Alternatively, if you would like a completely bespoke system check out our exhibition stand design service.

If you would like any more information on our backlit display systems or any of our modular systems, please contact us directly!