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The Power of Modular Displays: What Configuration Should You Choose?

A trade show can be a fantastic way to promote your business, as long as you have the right display stand to represent your business. In fact, a recent survey discovered that 48% of exhibitors thought that an eye-catching exhibition stand was the most effective way of attracting attendees.

One of the most popular types of exhibition stand is a modular display system. Designed with separate components that can be easily mixed, matched, and moved around, it’s a clever system for more versatile exhibitions.

If you’re considering a modular display, there are a number of configurations you can choose from. Below we list who should choose a modular system and how to find the best configuration.

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Why Choose a Modular Display?

First of all let’s look at a few reasons why you should choose a modular display stand for your next event:

  • Cost-effective: A key feature of modular displays is their ability to be reconfigured to suit different event spaces, giving you a more versatile exhibition solution. When attending trade shows frequently, this can save you a lot of money; rather than having to buy new display stands for different shows, you can simply rearrange your existing system to suit the event.

  • Scalability: Modular displays can be added to and built on, creating an easily scalable display. As your exhibitions grow and your business gains more attention, you can size up your display for a more noticeable presence. This works the other way around, too, with the ability to size down if you’re exhibiting in a smaller space.

  • Versatility: Make your modular display your own with the opportunity for custom graphics, lighting, and multimedia elements such as TVs.There are several different types of modular system to choose from, such as linked pop up displays, Twist banner systems and backlit ModuLight Exhibition Lightboxes.

Choosing the Right Configuration

As a super versatile option for your displays, you can choose from a range of configurations when building your modular exhibition stand. The four main styles are:

l-shape modular displays

L-Shape Modular Displays

If you want to create a more open feel to your displays that fits nicely into corner placements, opt for the L shape. It has great visibility and encourages your audience to walk in and interact with your stand, with the ability to showcase products on both of the walls.

u-shape modular displays

U-Shape Modular Displays

Create an immersive experience with the traditional U-shaped display, which encompasses three walls and an open front. This is ideal for maximising the use of your display system and hosting demonstrations and presentations.

island modular display stands

Island Modular Display Stands

 Islands are smaller modular systems with room for your graphics and a top counter to display products on. These can stand alone at events or be incorporated into your modular system, creating a usable surface to encourage interactions and increasing display functionality. It also enables high visibility from all directions and is ideal if you need a little extra room to showcase a wide range of products.

backwall modular stand

Backwall Modular Displays

Opt for a space-saving and flexible solution with a single backwall. This is ideal for events where floor space is limited or you want to maximise visibility without any extending walls. Add additional islands, tables, and banner stands up front to quickly build on your backwall display.

Considerations for Choosing Your Modular Display Configuration

There are a number of considerations when choosing how to configure your modular display. For example, you might want to match your chosen configuration to the exhibition space you’ll be using, choosing your layout based on what’s going to work best for the event floorplan. It’s also good to note that the bigger your display, the more expensive it’s likely to be when you book your floor space.

Your brand image and the purpose of your modular display can influence your configuration, too. For exclusivity, for example, a U-shape is a more suitable choice than the very open and welcoming layout offered by L-shape displays. A backwall display can create a statement with a single wall for dramatic emphasis, and add-on features such as lighting are used to bring your exhibition to your audience.

Speaking of the audience, how will they interact with your display? If your aim is to get your target customers walking around and engaging with your products or information, for example, you’ll want a more open display, like the L-shape or backwall. These invite visitors to walk in and give them plenty of space to move freely. A U-shape display is ideal for focusing attention on a front island, encouraging your audience to interact with the members of your team while looking at your display.

Find the Right Modular Display for your Next Event

Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little extra advice, we can help. At Display Wizard, we supply modular exhibition stands to help your brand stand out from the crowd, and we’re always happy to chat more about the event set-ups you’re looking for.

If you want something completely custom-made to you, check out our exhibition stand design and build service where we build your bespoke stand on-site for your event.

To learn more or secure your ideal modular display, get in touch with us today and let’s give your next event the magic it deserves.

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