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The Role of Lighting in Exhibition Stand Design

When creating exhibition displays, it’s easy to think of product placement and branding. But what about lighting? It’s one of the most important factors of a good exhibition stand that gets frequently overlooked, and we think it’s about time it’s pushed up the priority list. 

With competition so fierce at events such as trade shows, every minor improvement can make the difference between engaging with your ideal client and them simply walking past without a glance.

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Why is Lighting So Important in Exhibition Stand Design?

The right lighting can transform an exhibition stand. By getting it ‘spot on’, you can create a memorable display that engages, informs, and raises brand awareness. Some of the main benefits of good lighting include:

Bring your Branding to Life

A well-lit exhibition stand is eye-catching. It draws your target market in as they walk past and welcomes them over, actively inviting your audience to engage. This is particularly important at crowded events where competition is high and your display needs to stand out.

You can have lighting that responds to movement, for example, for a fun twist on a traditional stand. This is ideal for enhancing engagement and also creates an innovative, forward-thinking image for your brand.

Add a Look of Professionalism

Even the highest-quality graphics won’t look their best with bad lighting. This can harm your brand image, reducing trust from your audience and creating a less credible message. 

Bright and even lighting, on the other hand, enhances your professionalism and earns the trust of your audience. When you can show you’ve invested in your exhibition stand, your audience is more likely to take you seriously.

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Draw Attention to Focal Points

Strategic lighting placement can work as a visual cue, guiding the eyes of your audience to the focal points of your stand. Spotlights, for example, are ideal for highlighting specific products.

Backlights are also frequently used to help your logo, tagline, and other branding elements stand out, drawing the eye for improved functionality.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Did you know that your lighting can affect the mood of your exhibition stand? Bright lighting generates enthusiasm, excitement, and interest, turning your stand design into a space people want to see more of. 

You can also create cosy, ambient lighting if that better suits your brand image, or dramatic lighting for plenty of atmosphere.

Types of Exhibition Stand Display Lighting

Professional lighting is a great way to quickly improve the success of your exhibitions. 

There are plenty of choices for how to illuminate your stands, too, and you can tailor your lighting to suit your purpose, brand, and budget. Let’s take a look at some of the main options that are available:

Spotlights and LED strips

Spotlights and LED strips can illuminate a range of displays working on both small-scale displays such as banner stands and pop up stands to larger bespoke exhibition stands

These lighting options are easy to add and remove, too, simply clipping to your display and creating a flexible lighting solution that adapts to your fresh graphics.

Backlit Modular Displays

There are several options for your entire display to be backlit for the ultimate showstopper. ModuLIGHT Exhibition Lightboxes are freestanding LED systems that showcase your graphics over a premium light box system for crisp visuals. It’s a popular choice for professional-level exhibition stands and adds credibility to your image, making your messaging super clear. 

The ModuLIGHT Exhibition Lightboxes from Display Wizard are also 75% brighter than competing LED stands, giving you maximum exposure at marketing events.

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Backlit Banner Stands

Take your exhibition stand display to the next level with POPlight Backlight Banner Stands.

These are particularly effective when exhibiting space is at a premium, giving you a well-lit display that can be used in multiple locations. Backlit banners are also cost-effective, adding bold lighting without eating into your budget. 


Consider uplighting when working on a large-scale exhibit that needs plenty of drama. This technique involves placing lights on the floor that are directed upwards to highlight your exhibition stand, and it’s well-known for creating excitement and atmosphere, perhaps around the launch of a new product. 

It’s also great for focusing on certain features of your display and highlighting textures. This will usually need to be installed by an exhibition stand builder rather than for portable displays.

Want Your Exhibit to Shine? Get in Touch

With competition at events getting more and more fierce each year, there’s never been a better time to consider eye-catching lighting for your exhibition display. 

Whether it’s utilising a spotlight on a portable display or speaking to your stand builder about custom-lighting, make sure it’s at the forefront of your mind when you design your display. There are also a range of eye-catching backlit options such as LED lightboxes and displays to help you shine above the competition. 

Whether you’re looking to find a new exhibition stand for your next event or you have a question about upgrading your existing display, we can help. Get in touch with our exhibition stand team at Display Wizard to learn more about your options.


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