Replacement Printed Wall - Inflatex Igloo (4 Leg)

£200.00 £240.00 inc. VAT
£200.00 £240.00 inc. VAT

Replacement custom-printed wall for the Inflatex Event Igloo with 4 legs. Ideal for guaranteeing 360° exposure at your event or outside your premises.

Perfect if you're looking to add or replace walls on your Igloo due to a change in your marketing message, or as a result of any damage.

Walls are attached using a zip, making them effortlessly simple to attach.

If you require more than 1 wall, please increase the quantity to the desired amount.

2 year hardware guarantee
Weather Resistant

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Full details

Custom-printed fabric wall for your 4-legged Inflatex Igloo, made from tear-resistant, waterproof polyester and attached using a zip.

Graphics are printed directly on to the fabric using dye-sublimation printing technology.

4 sizes available.


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