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How to Attract Visitors to your Stand at an Outdoor Event

Whether it’s an outdoor business expo, country fair, agricultural show or horticultural show, outdoor shows are a great marketing tool if used correctly. However, if you want to stand out at an outdoor event or trade show, it can be tough to work out the best strategies to use.

It’s tempting to throw everything at the task, but you run the risk of ending up with an unfocused marketing message. And that’s likely to turn visitors off, not entice them to your stand. So what is the best way to attract people to your stand at an outdoor event?

1. Plan Ahead

Fail to plan, and you could be planning to fail. It might be a cliche, but successful outdoor stands take meticulous planning. First, think about why you’re attending and your expectations for the event.

Then consider the number of people who’ll be operating the stand, the publicity you want to showcase and the practicalities of your promotional materials.

Forward planning and effective team briefings will go a long way in making your stand a success.

2. Don’t use an Indoor Strategy

Indoor and outdoor events can be like chalk and cheese. There are different sightlines to consider. There may be various distractions, and crowds tend to behave differently outdoors.

Another key difference is the type of exhibition stand – if you go to an outdoor show with an indoor roller banner or pop up display, you may end up with your stand being blown away! Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor displays you can use to differentiate your stand and draw the eye. For example, outdoor flags are a fantastic way to attract attention from a distance.

You may also want to consider an outdoor banner stand, which features a weighted base to keep it steady in high winds. For a larger branded display, consider a custom-printed tent, where visitors can get shelter if the weather turns bad!

Think of your outdoor stand as a pop-up shop, and you’ll soon find curious people stopping by to visit.

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3. Incentivise your Audience

Even the best advertising stand isn’t guaranteed to bring the crowds, you’ll also want to consider promotional giveaways to incentivise the passers-by.

Of course, not everyone who visits your stand will be interested in your products and services, but any extra visitors to your stand is a positive.

As well as people just interested in the freebies, you’ll undoubtedly also attract numerous visitors who are relevant to your business, making this a worthwhile strategy.

4. Ensure your Stand is Weatherproof

Who knows what the British summer will have in store for your next show? You could be bathed in glorious sunshine or battling lashing storms with plenty of wind and rain thrown in.

The point is that you need to prepare your publicity materials and exhibition stands to withstand anything the weather throws at them.

So when you’re ordering your pull-up banners and flags, make sure they’re manufactured from weather-resistant materials with a weighted base. Otherwise, you could find your stand falling apart and making your investment worthless!

5. Simplify your Branding

When it comes to your outdoor stand, visitors will be contending with multiple exhibits vying for their attention. So a large part of your strategy should focus on making it stand out from the crowd.

Too much visual noise is a turn-off, so concentrate on creating statement marketing materials that give your brand visibility and style.

Keep your marketing message simple – don’t bombard passers-by with information as they only have a few seconds to digest your key brand message.

A combination of distinctive design and consistent branding will ensure this strategy keeps delivering at all your outdoor events.

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