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    Fabric Pop Up Stands

    Fabric pop ups are a lightweight alternative to Pop Up Displays. Consisting of a single seamless fabric graphic tensioned on an aluminium frame, these stands are very easy to assemble at trade shows and other events.

    Evolve Straight Fabric Pop Up

    From £270.00

    Evolve Curved Fabric Pop Up

    From £329.00

    LED Pop Up

    From £549.00

    XL LED Pop Up

    From £1,759.00

    Evolve Monolith Fabric Banner

    From £197.00

    EventPro Fabric Pop Up

    From £249.00

    Evolve Desktop Fabric Display


    fabric pop up

    Buy fabric pop up stands online from Display Wizard UK

    Fabric pop up stands are a unique alternative to classic pop up stands due to the lightweight, zip-up graphics which fit over the frame.

    For years and years exhibitors have struggled assembling and taking down traditional pop up stands, but now, because of fabric pop up stands, your trade show display can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

    Due to the the fabric pop up frame's simple design, it should be able to endure for a number of different exhibitions and trade shows. However, if you do feel the need for a change, fabric pop up displays are very environmentally-friendly as both the aluminium frame and fabric graphic can be easily recycled after use.


    Lightweight & easy to transport

    Due to their lightweight fabric graphics, these fabric pop ups can be easily transported to exhibitions, trade shows and other events. The fabric graphics are less easily-damaged than other pop ups, whilst they can also be folded to take up less space.



    • Super-lightweight aluminium frame

    • Easier to assemble than classic pop ups

    • Graphics can be folded

    • Seamless display

    • Tool-free assembly

    • Stylish, modern design


    Ideal uses

    • Exhibitions

    • Trade shows

    • Shopping centres

    • Retail spaces

    • Marketing suites

    • Many, many more


    Types of fabric pop up display

    There are a range of different fabric banner displays available:

    The Evolve Tabletop Fabric Pop Up is a smaller fabric pop up that sits on a table or desk for an eye-catching display.

    Our EventPro Fabric Pop Up has a straight frame and velcro-backed graphic which attach easily to the frame.

    The Evolve Horizontal Curved Fabric Pop Up has a curved frame and a 'sock-style' graphic which fits snugly on the frame.

    The Evolve Straight Fabric Pop Up has a straight backwall and again features a single seamless graphic.

    The Evolve Serpentine Fabric Pop Up has an undulating wave design, again utilising a 'fabric sock' to attach on the frame.

    looking for something else

    Looking for something else?

    If you are looking for a traditional pop up display featuring heavy-duty 465 micron polyester graphics, take a look at our range of classic pop up displays. We also have a large range of pop up counters, which can complement your fabric pop up display.

    If you would like any more information or are unsure of any of the details here, please contact us directly!