Reflecta Double Sided Lightbox Column

£485.00 £582.00 inc. VAT
£485.00 £582.00 inc. VAT

The Reflecta Lightbox Column is a double-sided 1000mm(h) or 2000mm(h) free-standing indoor promotional unit with two custom graphics included.

Its elegant internal illumination and easy assembly makes it well-suited for retail promotion or to make a big impression at a one-off event such as an exhibition or trade show. A choice of four different types of base and top finishes are available.

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The Reflecta Lightbox Column comes with a choice of four base and top finishes: silver, black, white or birch. Between the base and two are two Trappa style posts with ‘snap action’ aluminium rails holding the graphics in place.

Two graphics are included with the lightbox. The unit has a stable oversized base for extra stability.

The unit packs flat for easy storage and transportation.

The Reflecta Lightbox Column is ideal for as number of indoor retail uses such as promotional or informational purposes. They are widely seen in shopping centres, sports centres, exhibitions, trade shows and in reception areas.

Visible Size (Millimetres)
  • 1000mm(h) - 975 (h) x 980 (w)
  • 2000mm(h) - 1975 (h) x 980 (w)
Overall Size (Millimetres)
  • 1000mm(h) - 1000 (h) x 1100 (w) x 400 (d)
  • 2000mm(h) - 2000 (h) x 1100 (w) x 400 (d)
Weight(kg) Reflecta Double Sided Lightbox 1000mm (h): 8.5
Reflecta Double Sided Lightbox 2000mm (h): 10.5

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