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Essential Sign Design Tips for Your Business

Business signage is a proven way to help your brand's visibility. But you need to nail the design if you want your marketing strategy to succeed. After all, you’re not the only business to recognise the value of a great sign.

Creating a unique design will give you the brand recognition you need to turn passers-by into customers. These standout sign design tips will help you create attention-grabbing signage that does your marketing for you!

1. Keep it Simple

It doesn’t matter how great your sign design looks. If it’s not easy to read then you won’t get your message across. Focusing on legibility by using a simple message means your sign will be highly effective.

The easiest way to achieve readability is to make sure that your message pops. So aim to create high contrast with a simple message that makes your sign easy to read, close up or at a distance.

Leave the more in-depth description of your business to flyers and in-store

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2. Get Creative with Shapes

Great sign design is all about exciting and intriguing your audience. So if you want to grab their attention, try using organic or geometric shapes that stand out from the crowd but don’t overwhelm the eye.

Getting creative means you can create a contrast that attracts attention. In addition, you’ll make the information on your sign stand out and be easier for your viewer to process.

3. Create Contrast with Colour

Colour is an essential element when you’re looking to elevate your sign design from good to great. And you don’t have to use multiple colours to have a big impact - think Coca Cola, Apple or Mcdonald's.

It’s important that you keep your branding consistent, so use a variant of your business colours that creates high contrast. Otherwise tried and tested sign colour combinations like white on black or yellow on blue will make your signs stand out.

4. Think About Fonts

Using the right sign font is essential when you’re designing clear, consistent and readable signs. So don’t distract your viewers with a jumble of competing and confusing text.

Stick to one simple font for maximum readability. Otherwise, if your branding involves a decorative font, choose complimentary sans-serif lettering for your message. More than any other decision when you’re designing your sign, your choice of font can set the tone for your business.

5. Location is Key

So far you’ve done the hard work of creating a sign that’s attractive, attention-grabbing, and highly readable. As with all outdoor display stands, you need to make sure it’s displayed in the right location - one that’s free from obstacles and makes it easy to see and be seen.

Before you settle on the right location for your sign, do a road test. A drive or walk-by should show you whether your sign stands out and is easy to understand, even from a distance. Don’t skip this step, or all your hard work won't get the desired results.

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6. Be Entertaining

Designing a great sign is a balancing act between information and entertainment – with people being bombarded with advertising, a bit of humour can go a long way.

Adding a pun or some witty wordplay to your sign is an easy way to show your sense of humour. You’ll highlight the fun side of your brand, and you might even go viral if your sign starts getting attention on social media!

7. Create a Call to Action

Ultimately, you want to encourage your customers to act now, and follow through on the action. For example, “buy now!” creates a sense of urgency that entices them to act immediately.

Another way to do this is to add a deadline, such as ‘Sale on this weekend only’ – a great way to motivate the shopper to act quickly!

8. Focus on your Customers

Of course, you want to let your customer know the benefits of using your products and services.

Address your customer directly using words like “you” and “your”, which connects them with the benefits of using your business. This helps your customers visualise themselves using your products. And it’s a simple way to establish a direct, personalised connection with your brand.

Create Fantastic Sign Design Today!

Your signage needs to make a great impression in nanoseconds. So if you’re looking to attract the attention of passers-by, keeping your message short and simple will help hook their interest.

By combining an eye-catching design with a catchy and simple message will have far more impact than one that loses your viewer’s attention.

Signage is a tried and tested way to boost your brand identity, and a great sign design can do wonders for your bottom line.

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