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8 Vital Questions to Ask an Exhibition Stand Builder

An eye-catching exhibition stand is the most-effective method for attracting attendees at an trade show or exhibition so choosing the right exhibition stand builder is crucial for success.

Custom-built stands require more in-depth planning than printed display stands, so it’s important to make sure you and the contractor have your ideas aligned on the key points.

To ensure you partner with a company that understands your needs and can deliver high-quality results, here are the top 10 vital questions to ask:


1. Can You Provide Examples of Similar Projects?

It sounds simple but requesting examples of past projects that are similar to your brief is always important. This helps you gauge their experience and see if their style aligns with your brand's aesthetics.

If there’s a past design you particularly like, this may help form the basis of the design for your own stand. 

2. Can I preview how the stand will look prior to the event?

To visualise your stand before the event, most exhibition stand builders should provide a complimentary 3D model as this provides the best 360° representation of how your stand will look.

This model should be constantly updated throughout the design process, incorporating your feedback and finalising the graphics. 

3. Can You Work Within My Budget and What are the Payment Terms?

Be upfront about your trade show budget.

The cost of a custom exhibition stand varies based on size, location, and additional features such as lighting, AV displays, seating areas etc.

Payment is typically split, with a portion due at the time of ordering and the remainder closer to the build date.

A reputable builder should provide a solution that creates an eye-catching exhibit within the confines of your marketing spend so always be firm with your budget as costs can spiral otherwise.

exhibition stand questions

4. What is the Design Process and how much input do you need from us?

Understanding the design process is vital as it will define how the printed elements of the stand will appear.

Most companies will give you two design options for the stand graphics. Either for their own graphic designers to create the large-format print artwork; or your design team to make these based on the stand template dimensions.

You may also want to ask about the printing process of the graphics, as quality can vary greatly between suppliers. 

5. Do You Provide Support During the Event?

It’s crucial to ask if they offer on-site support during the event. This can be invaluable for addressing any last-minute issues or unexpected challenges, ideally via a project manager.

A project manager should be able to ensure everything is satisfactory before the event starts, whilst also being on-hand should any issues occur during the event. 

6. Can I Re-Use the Same Stand for a Different Event and will this be Discounted?

If you plan to use the stand at multiple events, the exhibition company should be able to provide a quote for reusing the same or a slightly modified stand at other events.

Opting for multiple trade shows should also be more cost-effective, as the stand can be stored and rebuilt without significant design or printing changes, meaning you should get a discount for doing a larger number of events.


7. What is your Policy on Design Changes and Cancellations?

Ask about the contractor’s flexibility in accommodating design changes and their cancellation policy should there be a last-minute change of plan.

Usually there will be a cut-off date for design changes in order for the graphics to be sent to print so make sure you are clear on when this will be in relation to your event. 

8. When will be able to Access the Stand Before the Event?

Whilst hiring an exhibition stand should mean there isn’t too much set up time for your team before the event, you’ll probably still need access to the stand before the show to set up your own marketing materials.

It’s worth checking in with the stand builder about how much time you’ll have to do this as you don’t want to be getting in each other’s way before the event. 

Ready to Ask your Exhibition Stand Questions? Get in Touch

By asking these questions you will more likely to find a reputable exhibition stand supplier who not only understands your vision but also has the expertise and resources to bring it to life effectively.

Display Wizard are an experienced exhibition stand design and build company that can help you create a big impression at your next event.

Get in touch today to ask these us these important exhibition stand questions – we’re always happy to help!

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