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10 UK Marketing Blogs You Need To Follow

Marketing evolves at breakneck pace and if you aren’t keeping up with all the latest news, you may be left in your competitors’ wake.

Following different marketing blogs is a great way to keep updated on new trends, but which marketing blogs contain the most interesting information for UK businesses and marketers?

At Display Wizard, we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative blogs so we can keep our own marketing advice section fresh and appealing.

Below is an up-to-date list on the top 10 marketing blogs the UK has to offer:

Branded3 Blog

What to Expect: A funny and informative search marketing blog by the digital marketing agency Branded3. Many digital agencies spend their time championing content but neglect their own blog, but not these guys – they have some very well-informed posts on the latest trends in the world of SEO.

Do they accept guest posts? The blog is run by their in-house SEO team so unless you can offer them some world-class data, you will probably struggle to get featured.


What to Expect: Focusing on creative, digital advertising and marketing projects, Adverblog is a fantastic resource for getting inspiration for the next creative project for your business. With a special focus on cutting-edge advertising trends, the Adverblog is a useful way of identifying advertising and marketing trends before they become mainstream.

Do they accept guest posts? Yes, Adverblog are happy to showcase posts detailing innovative marketing or advertising campaigns on their site.

The Wallblog

What to Expect: Mainly focusing on advertising trends and digital marketing tips, The Wallblog has interesting case studies on successful advertising campaigns for UK brands, with a special focus on the customer-brand relationship.

Do they accept guest posts? Yes, email their editor who will discuss your proposed content.

Graham Jones

What to Expect: Graham Jones is a psychologist who specialises in users’ behaviour on the internet. He examines in detail how people interact with the web and provides great insights if you are thinking about on creating engaging content.

Do they accept guest posts? Yes, but you will need to offer some top-quality content relating to psychology and selling online.

Intuit Quick Books Blog

What to Expect: Intuit offers bookkeeping software for businesses, so they have lots of data on what marketing tactics work best for businesses. Their Small Business Centre has some great marketing tips and tricks for SMEs, startups and entrepeneurs.

Do they accept guest posts? No, Intuit are a big organisation and their in-house team write their content.


What to Expect: Matthew Woodward gives comprehensive advice on SEO, social media, CRO and affiliate marketing with step-by-step blog posts that can improve your expertise in a range of areas. His lively writing style and visual posts will have even the most mundane SEO task seem interesting.

Do they accept guest posts? Yes, but it needs to be a highly (highly) detailed case study or tutorial, ideally offering something new to the already extensive range of SEO or affiliate marketing topics covered on the blog.

The Startup Donut

What to Expect: Resources, resources, resources: The Startup Donut covers pretty much every aspect of sales and marketing strategy for startup businesses. Their ‘Experts’ section is a fantastic tool to find influencers in your region.

Do they accept guest posts? Yes, but they now charge for guest posts.

Alicia Orre

What to Expect: Alicia Orre is a social media expert who outlines the difference between various social platforms and how to maximise your reach on each of them. She now works remotely from Ibiza and so has some useful insights on how to use online marketing tools to manage a healthy work/life balance.

Do they accept guest posts? Currently not, but this may change in the future.

Marketing Nerd

What to Expect: Matt at the Marketing Nerd gives in-depth and innovative views across all types of marketing. With its clean interface and in-depth articles, the Marketing Nerd features a numberof actionable tips that are invaluable for any marketing team.

Do they accept guest posts? Yes, it can cover any marketing topic but needs to be practical advice.


What to Expect: The small.business.co.uk site promotes advice on starting, financing and running a small business. Their blog offers more functional small business insight, whilst they also have a useful Q&A section where you can find detailed information on important topics for small businesses.

Do they accept guest posts? Yes, if you have specialist knowledge that can benefit small businesses.Do you have a favourite marketing blog that we’ve missed here? If so, use our comments section below and let us know what we’re missing out on!

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