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20 Unbelievable Statistics About Face-to-Face Networking

Face-to-face networking is very much back on the menu after the pandemic and its importance for businesses continues despite the rise of the internet.

Face-to-face networking includes events such as trade shows, business meetups, conferences and even just in-person client visits.

The stats below showcase how vital face-to-face networking is to the modern business world. This list is regularly updated, with the last update in July 2023.

We keep this list regularly updated with all the latest face to face marketing facts!

You are welcome to use these facts on your site with a hyperlinked reference to the source.

1. 95% of professionals believe that face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.

Face-to-face meetings allow for more personal business dealings, often resulting in long-term relationships.

2. 65% of businesses said that in-person trade shows were an invaluable part of their marketing strategy.

Trade shows allow for excellent in-person customer meetings, difficult to replicate through other channels.

3. 95% of exhibitors prefer 'in-person' to 'virtual' events.

Virtual events became popular during Covid-19 but their popularity hasn't lasted.

4. 78% of professionals believe that in-person networking is crucial for career advancement.

Networking is a great way to create business relationships that can have a positive impact on your career.

5. 71% of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) won business using face-to-face networking.

SMEs were one of the most positive types of businesses about in-person marketing.

6. Face-to-face requests are 34 times more successful than those made via email.

Quite simply you can't beat the personal touch of an in-person meeting.

7. 85% of Consumers said they were likely to Purchase After Participating in Face to Face Events and Experiences.

Getting to see a product or service provider in person at an event is a key motivator for making a purchasing decision.

8. 81% of trade show attendees are decision-makers or influencers within their organizations.

Trade shows are a useful meeting ground for some of the most important industry players.

9. 40% of prospects converted to new customers through face-to-face meetings.

A face-to-face meeting can mean the difference between a lead and a conversion.

10. Face-to-face networking increases the chances of a positive impression by 34% compared to video conferencing.

Despite Zoom, Skype and Teams becoming popular during Covid-19, in-person meetings still have a better chance of making a good impression.

11. Networking at conferences and events is one of the key drivers of knowledge exchange and innovation.

Trade shows and other events aren't just about making sales, they also help upskill your employees with industry knowledge.

12. Face-to-face networking leads to higher job satisfaction and career success.

If you want to make a big impression and get more from your job, you can't beat in-person meetings.

13. 61% of professionals reported that they received job referrals through face-to-face networking.

It's not just sales you can get through networking, it can also help with future career prospects.

14. Brands that exhibit at live events are 28% more innovative when encountered face-to-face.

Seeing is believing when it comes to customer perception of how innovative a brand is.

15. Face-to-face networking is associated with greater trust and rapport between individuals.

Once you have met someone in the business world, you will almost always have a greater level of trust in them.

16. 95% of marketers believe that face-to-face interactions are essential for building customer relationships.

In-person meetings help foster positive, long-term customer relationships.

17. Face-to-face networking leads to better brainstorming and problem-solving outcomes compared to virtual meetings.

Being in the same room for a meeting also helps with problem resolving and ideation.

18. Face-to-face meetings have a 40% conversion rate for turning prospects into customers.

This is a higher conversion rate than any other marketing channel.

19. 87% of attendees at trade shows and conferences believe that face-to-face interactions are irreplaceable for closing deals.

Experiencing a brand at an event is one of the most important ways for completing deals.

20. The perception of a brand that is not represented at an event falls by 5%. This is true even for global brands.

Events are often a barometer of the importance of a brand. Missing out on a large in-person industry event results in a lower brand perception.


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