Adept Mobile Noticeboard

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£149.00 £178.80 inc. VAT
£149.00 £178.80 inc. VAT

The Adept Mobile Noticeboard is a freestanding, double-sided notice board that can be easily wheeled around to be used in multiple locations.

Suitable for use displaying posters and information in the workplace or educational environment, these noticeboards feature locking castors and are height adjustable by 210mm. The boards can be mounted in either portrait or landscape formats, depending on requirements.

This Mobile Noticeboard is easy to assemble and is available in a range of 4 felt fabric colours. 

2 year hardware guarantee

Quantity discounts

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Full details

The Adept Mobile Noticeboard is a double-sided freestanding noticeboard that can be easily transported around the workplace or any building.

This board features a satin silver anodised aluminium frame, locking castors and is height adjustable by.

The board is available in 4 colours of felt fabric: Blue, Red, Green and Grey. The surface is suitable for pins and staples.

Overall Dimensions (Millimetres)

Board Size

900 (w) x 1200 (h) Portrait

1200 (w) x 1200 (h) Square

1200 (w) x 1500 (h) Portrait

1200 (w) x 1800 (h) Portrait

Weight(kg) Adept Mobile Noticeboard-900 (w) x 1200 (h): 9
Adept Mobile Noticeboard-1200 (w) x 1200 (h): 11
Adept Mobile Noticeboard-1200 (w) x 1500 (h): 14
Adept Mobile Noticeboard-1800 (w) x 1200 (h): 15

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